18th General Assembly of Newfoundland

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18th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Colonial Building seat of the Newfoundland government and the House of Assembly from January 28, 1850, to July 28, 1959.
Founded 1898
Disbanded 1900
Preceded by 17th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Succeeded by 19th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Last election
Newfoundland general election, 1897

The members of the 18th General Assembly of Newfoundland were elected in the Newfoundland general election held in October 1897. The general assembly sat from 1898 to 1900.

The Tory Party led by James Spearman Winter formed the government.[1]

Henry Y. Mott was chosen as speaker.[2]

Sir Henry Edward McCallum served as colonial governor of Newfoundland.[3]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1897:[4]

Member Electoral district Affiliation
Abraham Kean Bay de Verde Tory
W. P. Rogerson
Darius Blandford Bonavista Tory
John Cowan
John A. Robinson
Henry Y. Mott Burgeo-La Poile Tory
James S. Winter Burin Tory
John E. Lake
William Duff Carbonear Liberal
Michael P. Cashin Ferryland Liberal
George Shea Tory
Thomas C. Duder Fogo Tory
H. R. Hayward Fortune Bay Tory
William H. Horwood Harbour Grace Liberal
Eli Dawe
William A. Oke
J. J. St. John Harbour Main Tory
William Woodford
William J. S. Donnelly Placentia and St. Mary's Tory
Rhodie Callahan
Michael H. Carty
Charles Dawe Port de Grave Tory
Albert Bradshaw St. Barbe Tory
Michael P. Gibbs St. George's Tory
John P. Fox St. John's East Liberal
Thomas J. Murphy
Lawrence O'Brien Furlong
Edward Morris St. John's West Liberal
James C. Tessier
James J. Callanan
Robert S. Bremner Trinity Tory
Robert Watson
Levi March
Robert Bond Twillingate Liberal
Donald Browning
Alan Goodridge Tory



By-elections were held to replace members for various reasons:

Electoral district Member elected Affiliation Election date Reason
Burin James Spearman Winter[nb 1] Tory November 29, 1897 JS Winter named to cabinet; required to run for reelection[4]
Fogo Thomas C. Duder[nb 1] Tory TC Duder named to cabinet; required to run for reelection[4]
Harbour Main William Woodford[nb 1] Tory W Woodford named to cabinet; required to run for reelection[4]
Bonavista Alfred B. Morine[nb 1] Tory JA Robinson named to Legislative Council[4]
Trinity John A. Robinson[nb 1] Tory April 29, 1898 L March resigned seat[4]
Placentia and St. Mary's Richard T. McGrath Liberal May 25, 1899 WJS Donnelly named to cabinet; required to run for reelection[4]
Fortune Bay Charles Way Liberal 1899[4] H R Hayward died June 13, 1899[5]


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