18th Indian Infantry Brigade

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18th Indian Infantry Brigade
Active 1939–1943
Country British Raj British India
Allegiance  British Empire
Branch British Raj Red Ensign.svg British Indian Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Engagements Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
North African Campaign

The 18th Indian Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the Indian Army during World War II. It was formed in October, 1940 at Meerut in India and assigned to the 8th Indian Infantry Division. It was then detached for independent duties in Abadan in Persia. In June 1942 the 18th Brigade, having been rushed over to North Africa from Mosul, and was attached to the 10th Indian Infantry Division, had only two days to prepare defensive positions, was overrun by Erwin Rommel's tanks at Deir el Shein in front of the Ruweisat Ridge. In the process, however, they gained valuable time for the rest of the British Eighth Army to organise the defences for what was to be known as the First Battle of El Alamein, halting Rommel's advance towards Egypt. The remnants of the Brigade were then sent to the 5th Indian Infantry Division and the 18th Brigade was officially disbanded in August 1942.[1]


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