18th National Congress of Kuomintang

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The 18th National Congress of the Kuomintang (Chinese: 中國國民黨第十八次全國代表大会) was the eighteenth national congress of the Kuomintang political party, held on 17 October 2009[1] at Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium,[2] Taipei, Taiwan.[3]


The 18th congress was originally planned to be held earlier on 12 September 2013[4] but was postponed to address the relief efforts of Typhoon Morakot.


The 18th congress saw the inauguration of Ma Ying-jeou to become Chairman of the Kuomintang for the second time after winning the chairmanship election held on 29 July 2009, succeeding the incumbent KMT Chairman Wu Po-hsiung who was retiring. Former Chairman Wu and Lien Chan were appointed as Honorary Chairmen to assist Chairman Ma in Taiwan's external affairs and cross-strait relations, respectively.[3] Chan Chun-po, the Secretary-General to the President was inaugurated as the Secretary-General of the Kuomintang.[5]

Reactions outside Taiwan[edit]

 Mainland China - CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao sent a congratulatory message to Chairman Ma. In response, Ma also gave a warm reply.[6]

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