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The 18th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan was elected in the Saskatchewan general election held in June 1975. The assembly sat from November 12, 1975, to September 19, 1978.[1] The New Democratic Party (NDP) led by Allan Blakeney formed the government.[2] The Liberal Party led by David Steuart formed the official opposition. Edward Malone replaced Steuart as party leader in 1976.[3] After the Progressive Conservative Party won two by-elections and convinced two Liberal members to defect[4] in 1977, the Progressive Conservative Party led by Richard Lee Collver shared the role of official opposition with the Liberals.[3]

John Edward Brockelbank served as speaker for the assembly.[5]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1975:[6]

Electoral district Member Party
  Arm River Donald Leonard Faris New Democratic Party
  Assiniboia-Bengough Roy Edgar Nelson Liberal
  Athabasca Frederick John Thompson New Democratic Party
  Bengough-Milestone David Hadley Lange New Democratic Party
  Biggar Elwood Lorrie Cowley New Democratic Party
  Canora Al Matsalla New Democratic Party
  Cumberland Norman H. MacAuley New Democratic Party
  Cut Knife-Lloydminster Miro Kwasnica New Democratic Party
     Estevan Robert Austin Larter Progressive Conservative
  Humboldt Edwin Laurence Tchorzewski New Democratic Party
  Indian Head-Wolseley Cyril Pius MacDonald Liberal
  Kelsey-Tisdale John Rissler Messer New Democratic Party
  Kelvington-Wadena Neil Erland Byers New Democratic Party
  Kindersley Allan Neil McMillan Liberal
  Kinistino Arthur Thibault New Democratic Party
  Last Mountain-Touchwood Gordon S. MacMurchy New Democratic Party
  Maple Creek William Harry Stodalka Liberal
  Meadow Lake Gordon James McNeill New Democratic Party
  Melfort Norman Vickar New Democratic Party
  Melville John Russell Kowalchuk New Democratic Party
  Moose Jaw North John Leroy Skoberg New Democratic Party
  Moose Jaw South Gordon Taylor Snyder New Democratic Party
     Moosomin Larry Birkbeck Progressive Conservative
  Morse John Edward Niel Wiebe Liberal
     Nipawin Richard Lee Collver Progressive Conservative
  Pelly Leonard Larson New Democratic Party
  Prince Albert Mike Feschuk New Democratic Party
  Prince Albert-Duck Lake David Gordon Steuart Liberal
  Qu'Appelle John Gary Lane Liberal
  Quill Lakes Murray James Koskie New Democratic Party
  Redberry Dennis Banda New Democratic Party
  Regina Centre Edward Blain Shillington New Democratic Party
  Regina Elphinstone Allan Emrys Blakeney New Democratic Party
  Regina Lakeview Edward Cyril Malone Liberal
  Regina North East Walter Smishek New Democratic Party
  Regina North West Edward Charles Whelan New Democratic Party
  Regina Rosemont Bill Allen New Democratic Party
  Regina South Stuart John Cameron Liberal
  Regina Victoria Henry Harold Peter Baker New Democratic Party
  Regina Wascana E.F. Anthony Merchant Liberal
     Rosetown-Elrose Roy Hardeman Bailey Progressive Conservative
     Rosthern Ralph Katzman Progressive Conservative
  Saltcoats Ed Kaeding New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Buena Vista Herman Rolfes New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Centre Paul Peter Mostoway New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Eastview Glen Howard Penner Liberal
  Saskatoon Mayfair Beverly Milton Dyck New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Nutana Wesley Albert Robbins New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Riversdale Roy John Romanow New Democratic Party
  Saskatoon Sutherland Evelyn Grace Edwards Liberal
  Saskatoon Westmount John Edward Brockelbank New Democratic Party
  Shaunavon Eiliv (Sonny) Anderson Liberal
  Shellbrook George Reginald Anderson Bowerman New Democratic Party
     Souris-Cannington Eric Arthur Berntson Progressive Conservative
     Swift Current Dennis Marvin Ham Progressive Conservative
  The Battlefords Eiling Kramer New Democratic Party
  Thunder Creek Wilbert Colin Thatcher Liberal
  Turtleford Lloyd Emmett Johnson New Democratic Party
  Weyburn James Auburn Pepper New Democratic Party
  Wilkie Linda Clifford Liberal
  Yorkton Randall Neil Nelson New Democratic Party


Party Standings[edit]

Affiliation Members
  New Democratic Party 39
  Liberal 15
     Progressive Conservative 7
 Government Majority



By-elections were held to replace members for various reasons:[6]

Electoral district Member elected Party Election date Reason
Prince Albert-Duck Lake Garnet Norman Wipf Progressive Conservative March 2, 1977 DG Steuart named to Senate of Canada[7]
Saskatoon Sutherland Harold William Lane Progressive Conservative March 2, 1977 EG Edwards died in 1976[8]
Pelly Norm Lusney New Democratic Party June 8, 1977 LM Larsen died March 1977[9]



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