18th government of Turkey

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Şemsettin Günaltay

The 18th government of Turkey (16 January 1949 – 22 May 1950) was a government in the history of Turkey. It is also called the Günaltay government.


Hasan Saka of the Republican People's Party (CHP), who was the previous prime minister, resigned on 14 September 1949. President İsmet İnönü, upon the suggestion of Hilmi Uran, the secretary general of his party, assigned Şemsettin Günaltay as the new prime minister. Günaltay was a scholar of religion, philosophy and history. A scholar of religion as the prime minister of a party which was known to be the champion of laïcité was quite unexpected.

The government[edit]

In the list below, the cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Notes
Prime Minister Şemsettin Günaltay
Deputy Prime Minister Nihat Erim
Minister of State Nurullah Esat Sümer
Cemil Sait Barlas
16 January 1949 – 7 June 1949
7 June 1949 – 22 May 1950
Ministry of Justice Fuat Sirmen
Ministry of National Defense and Navy Hüsnü Çakır
Ministry of the Interior Emin Erişirgil
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Necmettin Sadak
Ministry of Finance İsmail Rüştü Aksal
Ministry of National Education Tahsin Banguoğlu
Ministry of Public Works Şevket Adalan
Ministry of Health and Social Security Kemali Bayazıt
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Şerafettin Bürge
Ministry of Economy and Commerce Cemil Sait Barlas
Vedat Dicleli
16 January 1949 – 7 June 1949
7 June 1949 – 22 May 1950
Ministry of Agriculture Cavit Oral
Ministry of Transport Kemal Satır
Ministry of Establishments Münir Birsel 7 June 1949 – 22 May 1950
Ministry of Labour Şemsettin Sirer


Günaltay resigned after his party lost the general elections held on 14 May 1950. The next government was founded by Adnan Menderes of the Democrat Party.


Preceded by
17th government of Turkey
(Hasan Saka)
18th Government of Turkey
16 January 1949 – 22 May 1950
Succeeded by
19th government of Turkey
(Adnan Menderes)