1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

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1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
Host cityParis, France
Date(s) (1900-08-12 - 1900-08-18)12–18 August 1900
Events4 + 1 unofficial tandem event
← 1899
1901 →

The 1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships were the World Championship for track cycling. They took place in Paris, France from 12 to 18 August 1900.[1] Four events for men were contested, two for professionals and two for amateurs. Apart from the four events a tandem event was organized. This race has never been officially recognized. The Dutch duo Harrie Meyers-Fernando Tomaselli won ahead of the French duo Edmond Jacquelin-Lucien Louvet and the French-American duo Charles Vanoni-Robert Protin. Because the race was not official the medalists are not listed in the list of Tandem World Champions.

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Professional Events
Men's sprint
Edmond Jacquelin
Harrie Meyers
Willy Arend
Men's motor-paced
Constant Huret
Edouard-Henri Taylor
Émile Bouhours
Men's Amateur Events
Men's sprint
Alphonse Didier-Nauts
John Henry Lake
 United States
Ferdinand Vasserot
Men's motor-paced
Louis Bastien
Wilhelm Henie
Roger Hildebrand

Medal table[edit]

1 France (FRA)3137
2 Belgium (BEL)1001
3 Netherlands (NED)0101
 Norway (NOR)0101
 United States (USA)0101
6 Germany (GER)0011
Totals (6 nations)44412


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