1901–02 French Rugby Union Championship

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1901–02 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries France
ChampionsRacing Club de France

The 1901–02 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was won by Racing club de France that beatSBUC in the final.

Racing was qualified for the final thanks to his victory against Stade Français and SBUC beat F.C. Lyon for 6–0.


Teams Racing club de FranceSBUC
Score 6–0 (6–0)
Date 23 March 1902
Venue Parc des Princes (Paris) 1,000
Referee Basil Wood Wales
Racing Club de France Besançon, Goudard, Jean Collas, Cyril Rutherford, Adolphe Klingelhoefer, Léon Binoche, Charles Gondouin, Hubert Lefebvre, Darby, Wladimir Aïtoff, Emile Sarrade, Jacques Muntz, R.Ertzbischoff, M.Pellet, Jacques Gommes
SBUC Jean Guiraut, Pascal Laporte, Campbell Cartwright, Pierre Moyzès, Louis Soulé, Marc Giacardy, Jean Rachou, Jacques Duffourcq, Albert Branlat, Pierre Terrigi, Carlos Deltour, Camille Gaillot, Hélier Tihl, Jean Destribois, Mathéo
Racing Club de France 2 tries by Klingelhoefer and Lefebvre

Having a lot of players injured or sick, SBUC put Mathéo, a former player and supporter as prop, in order to have 15 players on the ground.

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