1901–02 World Championship (football)

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1901–02 World Championship
Event Football World Championship
on aggregate
First leg
Date 2 September 1901
Venue White Hart Lane, London
Second leg
Date 2 January 1902
Venue Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh

The 1901–02 World Championship was an exhibition football match that took place at High Road Ground (the erstwhile name of White Hart Lane) on 2 September 1901 and Tynecastle Park on 2 January 1902 between the winners of the English Football Association Challenge Cup, Tottenham Hotspur, and the Scottish Cup, Heart of Midlothian.

The game was not the first "World Championship" game between English and Scottish sides; indeed, it was the second time Hearts had played this game.[1][2] The match was won by Heart of Midlothian who won on aggregate.[3]

This was the final time the match was played and the only time it was held in a two-leg format. Only four months later the British League Cup was set up to have the winners and runners-up of the Leagues meet, but it would no longer be billed as a World Championship.

Participant teams[edit]

Team Qualification
England Tottenham Hotspur 1900–01 FA Cup winners
Scotland Heart of Midlothian 1900–01 Scottish Cup winners

Match details[edit]

Tottenham Hotspur England 0–0 Scotland Heart of Midlothian


Heart of Midlothian Scotland 3–1 England Tottenham Hotspur


Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh


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