1901 Cheviot earthquake

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1901 Cheviot earthquake
1901 Cheviot earthquake is located in New Zealand
1901 Cheviot earthquake
Local date 16 November 1901 (1901-11-16)
Local time07:47 NZT
Depth33 km
Areas affectedSouth Island, New Zealand
Casualties1 death

The 1901 Cheviot earthquake occurred at 07:47 NZT on 16 November 1901 with an estimated magnitude of 6.9, centred near the township of Cheviot in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand.

Damage and casualties[edit]

McTaggart's butcher shop in Cheviot after the earthquake

A baby was killed when a sod hut collapsed.[1] Other casualties in the Canterbury region are not known.

The ChristChurch Cathedral experienced some damage in this earthquake. The top of the spire fell again as a result of the 16 November 1901 Cheviot earthquake. This time, the stone construction was replaced with a more resilient structure of Australian hardwood sheathed with weathered copper sheeting, with an internal mass damper.
Observations of sand blows (sand volcano) and lateral spreading, consistent with soil liquefaction phenomena in the township of Kaiapoi were reported in local newspapers in a two to three block area at the eastern end of Charles and Sewell Streets on the north bank of the Kaiapoi River, in addition to similar effects observed on the opposing river bank, and the road to Belfast.[2]

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Coordinates: 42°49′S 173°16′E / 42.81°S 173.26°E / -42.81; 173.26