1901 Rosenska Pokalen

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Rosenska Pokalen 1901, part of the 1901 Swedish football season, was the third Rosenska Pokalen tournament played. Eight teams participated and seven matches were played, the first 11 August 1901 and the last 1 September 1901. No team was declared winners of the tournament.

Participating clubs[edit]

Djurgårdens IF
Gefle IF
IF Sleipner
Stockholms IK
IK Svea
IF Swithiod
Östermalms SK
Club Last season First season
in tournament
First season of
current spell
AIK Runners-up 1899 1899
Djurgårdens IF Semi-final 1899 1899
Gefle IF Winners 1899 1899
IF Sleipner 3rd round 1900 1900
Stockholms IK Did not participate 1901 1901
IK Svea Did not participate 1901 1901
IF Swithiod 4th round 1900 1900
Östermalms SK 2nd round 1900 1900

Tournament results[edit]

1st round
IF Swithiod 1–0 Östermalms SK

AIK 7–0 IK Svea

Djurgårdens IF 1–0 Stockholms IK
1st round B[1]
Östermalms SK 1–0 IF Sleipner
AIK 2–1 IF Swithiod

Gefle IF 2–1 Djurgårdens IF
Gefle IF 1–1[2] AIK


  1. ^ It is unclear why this round was played, but Östermalms SK did not advance to later stages due to their loss in the 1st round.
  2. ^ The match ended 1–1 even after extra time had been played and the replay date was set to 29 September 1901, but that match was cancelled and no winners were declared.


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