1902 Copa de la Coronación Final

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1902 Copa del Rey Final
Event 1902 Copa del Rey
Date 15 May 1902
Venue Hipódromo, Madrid
Referee Spain Carlos Padrós

The 1902 Copa de la Coronación Final was the final of the Copa de la Coronación, the Spanish football cup competition. The match took place on 15 May 1902 at the Hipódromo, Madrid. The match was contested by Club Bizcaya and FC Barcelona, and it was refereed by Carlos Padrós.

Club Bizcaya lifted the trophy for the first time with a 2–1 victory over FC Barcelona.

Match details[edit]

Club Vizcaya 2–1 FC Barcelona
Juan Astorquia Goal 10'
Armand Cazeaux Goal 20'
Udo Steinberg Goal 75'

[1] [2]

Spain Luis Arana
Spain Enrique Careaga
Spain Pedro Larrañaga
Spain Luis Silva
Spain Amado Arana
Spain Enrique Goiri
France Armand Cazeaux
Spain Juan Astorquia (c)
England William Dyer
Spain Ramón Silva
England Walter Evans
England Samuel Morris
Spain Lluis Puelles
Switzerland George Meyer
England James Morris
England Arthur Witty
Spain Miguel Valdés
England William Parsons
Switzerland Joan Gamper (c)
Germany Udo Steinberg
Spain Alfonso Albéniz
England Henry Morris

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