1902 Norwegian Football Cup

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1902 Norwegian Football Cup
Norgesmesterskapet i fotball for herrer 1902
Country Norway Norway
Teams 5
Champions Grane (1st title)
Runners-up Odd
Matches played 5

The 1902 Norwegian Football Cup was the first season of the Norwegian annual knockout football tournament. This was an invitation tournament organised by Kristiania IF and NFF, which was later given official status. Five teams joined this competition, and Odd reached the final without playing a match. Grane won the tournament.


First round[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
1 June 1902
Grane 10–0 Porsgrunds FC
Lyn 0–2 Spring
  • Odd received a bye.


Team 1  Score  Team 2
15 June 1902
Grane 4–0 Spring
  • Odd received a bye.



Grane 2–0 Odd
Referee: Bredo Larsen, Lyn
Sportsklubben Grane:
GK Anton Endrerud
DF Carl Blix
DF Bjarne Vig
MF Sverre Strand
MF Wilhelm Wettergren
MF Sverre Nergaard
FW Olaf Olsen
FW Walter Aigeltinger
FW Emil Wettergreen
FW Eivind Thune-Larsen
FW Th. Dürendahl


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