1903–04 Real Madrid CF season

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Madrid FC – Madrid–Moderno
1903–04 season
ChairmanCarlos Padrós
Juan Padrós
Copa del ReyFirst Round
Madrid Championship[1]Runner-up
Home colours
Away colours

The 1903–04 season was the second season for Madrid FC. The club played some friendly matches against local clubs. They also played in the Madrid Championship and Copa del Rey. The name of Madrid FC was Madrid–Moderno in this tournament, because of a merger with Moderno.[2]




1903-08-02 FriendlyMadrid FC8 – 0Moderno FCLa Lonja, El Escorial
1903-09-08 FriendlyVillaviciosa & Colonial[6]3 – 6[5]Madrid FCVillaviciosa de Odón, Madrid

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  1. ^ Madrid Championship (Campeonato Centro) is a regional league used as a qualifier for the Copa del Rey.
  2. ^ Spain - Cup 1904
  3. ^ The captains of both teams agreed not to play extra time, but failed to reach an agreement on when they should replay the match. The Club Español de Madrid wanted to play at the same time the next day, but the Madrid-Moderno refused, and alleged that in the bases of the tournament was said that no tie could be played in less than 48 hours after the game. Next day the Club Español de Madrid went to play the replay, but the Madrid-Moderno did not. The regional federation, whose president Ceferino Birdalone happened to be president of Club Español de Madrid as well, ruled in favor of Club Español, and were declared winners of the match.
  4. ^ Madrid FC was awarded a prize, consisting of a diploma in an allegory of foot-ball, and 11 silver medals.
  5. ^ Madrid FC was forced to play this game with only nine players. Some of club their best players are leaving the, so that precipitating the merger with Moderno FC order to survive.
  6. ^ Combined consisted of local players Villaviciosa and Colonial