1903 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final

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1903 All-Ireland Senior Football Final
Event 1903 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Date 12 November 1905
Venue Jones' Road, Dublin
Referee John McCarthy (KIlkenny)
Attendance 10,000

The 1903 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final was the sixteenth All-Ireland Final and the deciding match of the 1903 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, an inter-county Gaelic football tournament for the top teams in Ireland.

Match summary[edit]

This was the fourth year in a row in which London were heavily beaten in the final; after this, they were no longer given a bye to the All-Ireland final.[1]

Sam Maguire captained London Hibernians.[2]


The 1903 final marked the first time Kerry won an All-Ireland football title. They would go on to dominate the game for decades to come. Dublin were the dominant force in Gaelic football at this time with eight All-Ireland titles; within 40 years Kerry had surpassed this and have since left Dublin in the shade in terms of All-Ireland football titles secured.[3]


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