1903 Copa del Rey

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1903 Copa del Rey
1st Copa del Rey
ChampionsAthletic Bilbao (1st title)
Runners-upMadrid CF
Matches played3
Goals scored14 (4.67 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Spain Juan Astorquia
Spain Armando Giralt
Spain Alejandro de la Sota (2 goals each)

The Copa del Rey 1903 was the first official staging of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football cup competition. It followed the 1902 Copa de la Coronación, held to celebrate the coronation of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, which was won by Club Vizcaya de Bilbao (a temporary combination of Bilbao Football Club [es] and Athletic Bilbao) and given to them permanently.[1]


The competition was played on April 6, 7 and 8, 1903. Three teams took part: Athletic Bilbao, Espanyol of Barcelona and Madrid CF. It took the form of a round-robin, but the results of the first two games meant that the third game became the final.[2] That match, held at the Hipódromo in Madrid, saw Athletic Bilbao take the trophy for the first time as a distinct club, beating Madrid 3‑2 after trailing 2‑0 at half time.[2] As a result, the tally of Copa wins by Athletic Bilbao is disputed. The 1902 cup, won by Club Vizcaya, is on display in the Athletic museum, and the club includes the victory in its honours list. However, neither the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) nor the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) official statistics include this as an Athletic win: they count the 1903 cup as its first.


Day 1[edit]

Cenarro Goal Armando Giralt Goal
Armando Giralt Goal
José Giralt Goal
Pedro Parages Goal

[3] [4]

Day 2[edit]

Athletic Bilbao4–0Espanyol
Juan Astorquia Goal
Juan Astorquia Goal
Alejandro de la Sota Goal
Walter Evans Goal


Day 3 (Final)[edit]

Athletic Bilbao3–2Madrid
Armand Cazeaux Goal 55'
Eduardo Montejo Goal 70'
Alejandro de la Sota Goal 80'
Marqués de Valdeterrazo Goal 15'
Sánchez Neyra Goal 40'
Referee: Spain José María Soler

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Copa del Rey 1903 Winners
Athletic Bilbao
1st Title


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