1904 All-Western college football team

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The 1904 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1904 Western Conference football season.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Claude Rothgeb, Illinois (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, DFP, DT, MJ-2, SLR, WC)
  • James Irving Bush, Wisconsin (COL-1, CRH, CT-2, DFP, DT, MJ-1, WC)
  • Frederick A. Speik, Chicago (COL-2, CT-2, MJ-2, SLR)
  • Bobby Marshall, Minnesota (COL-2, MJ-1) (CFHOF)
  • Charles Ferguson Kennedy, Chicago (CT-1)


  • Joe Curtis, Michigan (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, DFP, DT, MJ-1, SLR, WC)
  • Wilson Bertke, Wisconsin (COL-1, DFP, MJ-1, SLR, WC)
  • Ed Parry, Chicago (COL-2, CT-1, DT)
  • Percy Porter Brush, Minnesota (CRH, CT-2, MJ-2)
  • Charles J. Moynihan, Illinois (CT-2)
  • Henry H. Kafir, Northwestern (COL-2)
  • George Leland Case, Minnesota (MJ-2)


  • Walton W. Thorpe, Minnesota (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, DFP, DT, MJ-1, SLR, WC)
  • Charles A. Fairweather, Illinois (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, DFP, SLR, WC)
  • Charles B. Carter, Michigan (COL-2, CT-2, DT, MJ-1)
  • Daniel D. Smith, Minnesota (CT-2)
  • Henry Schulte, Michigan (COL-2)
  • Louis Donovan, Wisconsin (MJ-2)
  • William Atkinson, Iowa (MJ-2)


  • John Hazelwood, Illinois (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, SLR)
  • Richard W. Remp, Wisconsin (COL-2, CT-2, DFP, DT, WC)
  • Moses Lane Strathern, Minnesota (MJ-1)
  • Charles T. Borg, Nebraska (MJ-2)



  • Willie Heston, Michigan (COL-1, CRH, CT-1, DFP, DT, MJ-1, SLR, WC) (CFHOF)
  • E. J. Vanderboom, Wisconsin (COL-2, CT-2, DFP, DT, MJ-2, SLR, WC)
  • Thomas S. Hammond, Michigan (CRH, CT-1, DFP [tackle])
  • Otto Nelson Davies, Minnesota (COL-1, CT-2, MJ-1)
  • Mark Catlin Sr., Chicago (CT-2, SLR)
  • John R. Bender, Nebraska (CT-2, MJ-2)
  • James Edward Kremer, Minnesota (COL-2)


  • Frank Longman, Michigan (COL-1, CRH, CT-2, DFP, DT, MJ-2)
  • Hugo Bezdek, Chicago (COL-2, CT-1, WC) (CFHOF)
  • Earl Current, Minnesota (CT-2, MJ-1)


COL = Collier's Weekly[1]

CRH = Chicago Record-Herald[2]

CT = Chicago Tribune[3]

DFP = Detroit Free Press[2]

DT = Detroit Tribune[2]

MJ = The Minneapolis Journal, by O'Loughlin[4]

SLR = The St. Louis Republic[5]

WC = Walter Camp in Collier's Weekly[6]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

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