1904 News of the World Match Play

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1904 News of the World Match Play
Tournament information
Dates 4–6 October 1904
Location Richmond, London, England
Course(s) Mid-Surrey Golf Club
Organised by The PGA
Format Match play – 18 holes
(Final 36 holes)
Field 32 players
Prize fund £240
Winner's share £100
England J.H. Taylor
def. Alfred Toogood 5 & 3
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1905 →
Mid-Surrey Golf Club is located in England
Mid-Surrey Golf Club
Mid-Surrey Golf Club
Location in England

The 1904 News of the World Match Play was the second News of the World Match Play tournament. It was played from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 October at Mid-Surrey Golf Club. 32 players competed in a straight knock-out competition, with each match contested over 18 holes, except for the final which was over 36 holes. The winner received £100 out of a total prize fund of £240. J.H. Taylor defeated Alfred Toogood 5 & 3 in the final to win the tournament.


Entry was restricted to members of the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA). Qualification was by a series of 36-hole stroke-play competitions; one for each of the five PGA sections. The Southern section had 16 qualifiers, the Northern section had 6, the Midland 5, the Scottish section 3 and the Irish section 2;[1] in the event of a tie for places there was a playoff. Compared to 1903 the Northern section had one additional qualifier and the Scottish section one less.

The qualifiers were:


The format was unchanged. Matches were over 18 holes except for the final which was over 36 holes. Extra holes were played in the event of a tied match. Two rounds were played on the first day, two more on the second day with the final on the third day.


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First round
4 October
  Second round
4 October
  Third round
5 October
5 October
6 October
England Arthur Mitchell 1up  
England Wilfrid Reid       England Arthur Mitchell    
Scotland James Hepburn 5&4   Scotland James Hepburn 1up  
Scotland Jack Ross         Scotland James Hepburn 3&2  
England George Pulford 4&2       England George Pulford    
England Rowland Jones       England George Pulford 5&4
Scotland Ben Sayers w/o   Scotland Ben Sayers    
France Arnaud Massy         Scotland James Hepburn    
England Alfred Toogood 4&3       England Alfred Toogood 4&2  
England Harry Chestney       England Alfred Toogood 2&1  
England Tom Simpson 2&1   England Tom Simpson    
Scotland Tom Yeoman         England Alfred Toogood 6&4
Scotland George Coburn         Jersey Ted Ray    
Jersey Ted Ray 3&2     Jersey Ted Ray 5&4
Scotland Willie Fernie 4&3   Scotland Willie Fernie    
Scotland Robert Thomson         England Alfred Toogood  
England Albert Tingey, Sr.         England J.H. Taylor 5&3
England George Cawsey 3&2     England George Cawsey 2&1  
England William Hutchings     England Willie Lewis    
England Willie Lewis 20h       England George Cawsey    
England J.H. Taylor 2up       England J.H. Taylor 4&3  
Scotland Willie Hunter, Sr.       England J.H. Taylor 9&8
Ireland Johnnie McKenna 4&3   Ireland Johnnie McKenna    
Scotland James Kinnell         England J.H. Taylor 1up
England Tom Williamson 4&3       Scotland Sandy Herd    
England Jack Rowe       England Tom Williamson    
Jersey Harry Vardon 7&6   Jersey Harry Vardon 1up  
England Ernest Gray         Jersey Harry Vardon  
Scotland Sandy Herd 5&4       Scotland Sandy Herd 19h  
England Fred Collins       Scotland Sandy Herd 1up
Jersey Phil Gaudin     Scotland James Braid    
Scotland James Braid 5&4  

w/o = Walk over

Prize money[edit]

Prize money was increased to £240 with the addition of 8 £5 prizes for the losers in the second round, the winner received £100 and a gold medal, the runner-up £30 and a silver medal, the losing semi-finalists £15 and a bronze medal, while the third round losers received £10 and the second round losers received £5.


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