1904 University of Florida Blue and White football team

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1904 University of Florida Blue and White football
Conference Independent
1904 record 0–5
Head coach Marvin O. Bridges
Captain Bernard Bridges
← 1903

The 1904 University of Florida White and Blue football team represented the University of Florida in the sport of American football during the 1904 college football season. This was not the modern Florida Gators of the University of Florida in Gainesville, which begins in 1906, but one of its four predecessor institutions: a school previously known as Florida Agricultural College, based in Lake City. The team played several major colleges, including Mike Donahue's first year coaching Auburn and John Heisman's first coaching Georgia Tech, failing to post a win.

Before the season[edit]

A team from Florida was slated for its first major schedule.


Date Opponent Site Result
October 1[1] at Alabama The QuadTuscaloosa, AL L 0–29  
October 4 at Auburn Auburn, AL L 0–44  
October 15 at Georgia Macon, GA L 0–52  
October 17 at Georgia Tech Piedmont ParkAtlanta, GA L 0–77  
October 21 Florida State College Lake City, Florida L 0–23  
*Non-conference game.


Season summary[edit]


The season opened with a 29–0 loss to Alabama. Touchdowns were scored by William LaFayette Ward (2), Chamberlain, Auxford Burks and Frank Clark.[3]

The starting lineup was: Weller (left end), Buck (left tackle), T. Cason (left guard), Keene (center), Bratton (right guard), T. McGuire (right tackle), B. H. Bridges (right end), McDonnell (quarterback), R. Cason (left halfback), B. T. Bridges (right halfback), C. McGuire (fullback).[4][5]


The October 4, 1904 game against the University of Florida was considered a practice game by Auburn[6] and is not included in the official record of 5–0 for the season.[7]

Florida-Georgia dispute[edit]

Florida and Georgia do not agree on when the Florida–Georgia rivalry began.[8] The University of Georgia's athletic department counts the 1904 match.[9] The game was held in Macon, Georgia, and Georgia won 52–0.[9] UGA sports historian Dan Magill sums up Georgia's attitude: "That's where Florida was back then. We can't help it if they got run out of [Lake City]."[10]

Georgia Tech[edit]

1 2Total
Florida 0 0 0
Ga. Tech 36 41 77
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Source:

Only a single first down was scored on Tech, a 77–0 loss.The starting lineup was: Zealius (left end), Bratton (left tackle), T. McGuire (left guard), Keene (center), O'Berry (right guard), Rowlett (right tackle), R. Woller (right end), R. Cason (quarterback), Clarke (left halfback), Bridges (right halfback), C. McGuire (fullback) [11]

Florida State College[edit]

Florida State College wore purple and gold and were state champions.[12] The team's coach was Jack Forsythe, later the first head coach of the Florida Gators. FSC's assistant was Jock Hanvey. Both coaches played for the Clemson Tigers the year before when it faced Bridges and Cumberland in the SIAA championship game.

A newspaper account reported: "The people of Lake City had expected at least one victory after a long series of defeats encountered by the university and were greatly disappointed. The university should be made stronger before it attempts to play again."[13]

Coach Marvin O. Bridges founded UF's Alpha Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at Lake City on November 17, 1904.[14][15]


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