1905 Cooper vs. Fairmount football game

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Cooper vs. Fairmount
First night football game west of the Mississippi River
1234 Total
Cooper 0000 0
Fairmount 6666 24
Date October 6, 1905
Season 1905
Stadium Association Park
Location Wichita, Kansas

The 1905 Cooper vs. Fairmount football game was a college football game between Cooper College (now the Sterling College) and Fairmount College (now Wichita State University) played on October 6, 1905, at Association Field in Wichita[1] The game was played at night under gas lamps as a demonstration by the Coleman Company and was the first night football game played west of the Mississippi River.[2] Fairmount won by a score of 24–0.[3][4]


Several other attempts had been made in the eastern United States toward the means of playing football at night, beginning in 1892 with the first night football game that ended at halftime.[5] Since that game, other attempts in the east grew to be successful, but this was the first time such an attempt was made west of the Mississippi River. The use of lighting was considered successful.[1][6]

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