1905 Svenska Mästerskapet

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1905 Svenska Mästerskapet
Country Sweden
Teams 52
Champions Örgryte IS
Runners-up IFK Stockholm

The 1905 Svenska Mästerskapet was the tenth season of Svenska Mästerskapet, the football Cup to determine the Swedish champions. Örgryte IS won the tournament by defeating IFK Stockholm in the final with a 2–1 score.

First qualifying round[edit]

Väsby FK 10–2 IF Svithiod

GF Idrott 2–0 IS Göta

Söderhamns SK 3–5 IF Ellnar

IFK Köping 7–0 Enighet

IFK Örebro 7–4 IFK Arboga

Västerås SK 3–1 IFK Västerås

Södermalms IK 5–2 Stockholms IK

Göteborgs IF 2–1 Krokslätts IK

AIK 9–1 Westermalms IF

IFK Sala 2–1[1] IF Norden
?, Sala

IK Vikingen 3–2 GAIS

IFK Norrköping 3–1 IK Sleipner

Örgryte IS 4–1 IFK Göteborg

Norrköpings GK 1–1 IK Amatören
Norrköpings GK 1–0 IK Amatören

Mariebergs IK 9–0 Norrmalms SK

Gävle SGF 1–1 IFK Gävle
Gävle SGF 2–0 IFK Gävle

Gefle IF 3–0 Sandvikens IF

IK Stjärnan 2–0 IF Drott (Gävle)

IFK Stockholm 5–5 Djurgårdens IF
IFK Stockholm 2–0 Djurgårdens IF

IF Swithiod 2–1 IK Göta

Östermalms IF 3–3 IFK Uppsala
Östermalms IF v IFK Uppsala (w.o.)

Verdandi VoIF (w.o.)[2] v GUIF (w.o.)[2]

Second qualifying round[edit]

GF Idrott 2–0 IFK Helsingborg

Gävle SGF 2–3 IK Stjärnan

IFK Sala 0–14 IFK Köping
?, Sala

IFK Örebro v Västerås SK (w.o.)

Söderhamns IF 14–0 IF Ellnar

Strands IF 3–0 IFK Hudiksvall

Örgryte IS 3–0 IK Vikingen

Södermalms IK 2–1 Mariebergs IK

AIK 6–1 IF Swithiod

IFK Stockholm 4–3 Östermalms IF

IFK Norrköping 2–0 Norrköpings GK

First round[edit]

Örgryte IS 4–2 Göteborgs IF

Väsby FK 4–0 GF Idrott

Gefle IF 1–1
2–1 (a.e.t.)[3]
IK Stjärnan
Gefle IF 3–0 IK Stjärnan

Söderhamns IF v Strands IF (w.o.)

AIK 4–2 Söderhamns IK

IFK Stockholm 2–2 IFK Norrköping
IFK Norrköping 1–2 IFK Stockholm

IFK Eskilstuna 5–2 IF Svea

IFK Köping 9–1 IFK Örebro


Örgryte IS 9–0 Väsby FK

IFK Köping 1–5 AIK

Gefle IF 3–1 Söderhamns IF

IFK Stockholm 6–0 IFK Eskilstuna


Örgryte IS v Gefle IF (w.o.)

IFK Stockholm 4–4
4–4 (a.e.t.)
IFK Stockholm 3–0 AIK


IFK Stockholm 1–2 Örgryte IS
Moberg 1–2 Bergström 0–1
Lund 0–2
Attendance: 4,000


  1. ^ A first match between IFK Sala and IF Norden was played 18 June and ended 4–3 but was declared invalid.
  2. ^ a b Both Verdandi VoIF and GUIF were disqualified from the tournament as they refused to play on the football ground appointed for the match, which was owned by rivals IFK Eskilstuna.
  3. ^ The extra time score was declared invalid as the rules had been unclear whether or not to use extra time.


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