1906–07 Panhellenic Championship

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Panhellenic Championship
Season 1906–07
Champions Ethnikos G.S. Athens
Matches played 4
Goals scored(2 per match)

The 1906–07 Panhellenic Championship was the second staging of the Panhellenic Championship. Like the previous season, it is not acknowledged by the HFF,having been organised not by the federation, but by SEGAS and the Hellenic Olympic Committee.


The competition was held in a cup-like format. All 3 matches took place at the Neo Phaliron Velodrome. Ethnikos won the championship, after beating Akadimaikon Gimnastirion 2-1 in the final. Note that Akadimaikon Gimnastirion was the Athenian University's football team. The other 3 contestants were the same with the previous season.


As with last year all teams came from Athens or Piraeus.


Akadimaikon Gimnastirion 2-0 Panellinios G.S.
Report (Page 4, Greek)

Ethnikos G.S. Athens 2-1 Peiraikos Syndesmos
Report (Page 2, Greek)
Referee: Campbell