1907 All-Western college football team

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The 1907 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1907 college football season. One player, Germany Schulz, was also a consensus All-American.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Harry S. Hammond, Michigan (CA, CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL, CRH, WE)
  • Hewitt, Chicago (CA, CDN, CP, CRH)
  • Harlan Page, Chicago (CIO, CJ, CP) (CBHOF)
  • Harlan Rogers, Wisconsin (CE)


  • Walter Rheinschild, Michigan (CA, CDN, CE, COL, CP, CRH, WE)
  • John Messmer, Wisconsin (CA, CIO, CJ, COL [guard], CRH, WE [guard])
  • George Leland Case, Minnesota (CDN, CIO, CP, WE)
  • Ivan Doseff, Chicago (CE, CJ, COL)


  • Forest Van Hook, Illinois (CA, CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL, CP, CRH, WE)
  • Walter D. Graham, Michigan (CIO, CJ, CP, CRH)
  • William John Bandelin, Minnesota (CA, CE)
  • Harris, Chicago (CDN)


  • Germany Schulz, Michigan (CA, CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL, CP, CRH, WE) (CFHOF)


  • Walter Steffen, Chicago (CA, CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL, CP, CRH, WE) (CFHOF)


  • Leo DeTray, Chicago (CA [fullback], CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL, CP, CRH [fullback], WE)
  • Carrol Kirk, Iowa (CA, CE, CRH)
  • John Robert Schuknecht, Minnesota (CIO, CJ, COL [fullback])
  • Harold Iddings, Chicago (CDN, COL [end], WE)
  • Oscar Osthoff, Wisconsin (CP)


  • George Capron, Minnesota (CA [halfback], CDN, CE, CIO, CJ, COL [halfback], CP, CRH [halfback], WE [end])
  • John H. Weller, Nebraska (WE)


Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

CA = Chicago American[1]

CDN = Chicago Daily News[1]

CE = Chicago Examiner[1]

CIO = Chicago Inter-Ocean[1]

CJ = Chicago Journal[1]

COL = Collier's Weekly[1]

CP = Chicago Evening Post[1]

CRH = Chicago Record-Herald[1]

WE = Walter Eckersall for the Chicago Tribune[1][2]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

CBHOF = College Basketball Hall of Fame

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