1907 Baylor football team

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1907 Baylor football
Conference Independent
1907 record 4–3–1
Head coach Luther Burleson (1st season)
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1908 →

The 1907 Baylor football team represented Baylor University during the 1907 college football season. Baylor's December 6 game at LSU was the team's first ever east of the Mississippi.[1]


Date Opponent Site Result Overall record
Oct. 5 TCU Waco, Texas T 6–6 20–22–6
Oct. 12 Texas School for the Deaf Waco, Texas W 33–0 21–22–6
Oct. 19 Fort Worth University Dallas, Texas W 11–5 22–22–6
Oct. 26 Trinity University Waco, Texas W 4–0 23–22–6
Nov. 9 at Texas Austin, Texas L 27–11 23–23–6
Nov. 11 TCU Waco, Texas L 11–10 23–24–6
Nov. 28 TCU Waco, Texas (Thanksgiving) W 16–8 24–24–6
Dec. 6 at LSU Baton Rouge, Louisiana L 48–0 24–25–6
All times are in Central Time.


The trustees of the Baylor University have just abolished football games in that institution, and there will be no more intercollegiate or class games.
The roughness of the game, coupled with the tendency to unfair playing, is the reason given.

Associated Press, May 31, 1906[2]

The trustees of the Baylor University have just reinstated football after prohibiting the game for a year.
The student body brought strong pressure to bear, but some of the trustees were loath to permit the game. Track athletics have not proven as popular as had been hoped. The action of Baylor is interesting in view of the attitude of several other educational institutions in the state.

Associated Press, June 4, 1907[3]

Baylor University did not field a team in 1906. Due to the violence of football, the sport was banned by the Board of Trustees in May 1906.[4]

Under student pressure and a lack of interest in the school's athletics team, the trustees lifted the ban the following year.


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