1907 Calabria earthquake

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On October 23, 1907, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Calabria, at a depth of 33.0 km. in the area of Gerace-Siderno, on the southeast coast of Calabria. The event caused 167 deaths and major damage.[1]

The epicentral area included only one town (Ferruzzano), where many houses collapsed almost completely, and 158 persons, or 8% of its population, were killed.[1] Ferruzano had been hit as well in the 1905 Calabria earthquake.[2]

Almost a month later, on November 17, 1907, the area of Ferruzzano, Brancaleone and Bianco was hit again.[3] On January 23, 1908, the area was hit again by an earthquake.[4] People had to camp in the fields or in nearby subterranean grottos.[3][4] In Ferruzzano new houses built after the earthquakes of 1905 and 1907 resisted the shocks of the 1908 Messina earthquake.[5]

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Coordinates: 38°07′59″N 16°01′01″E / 38.133°N 16.017°E / 38.133; 16.017