1907 German football championship

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1907 German championship
Deutsche Fußballmeisterschaft
Victoria Schalke-Museum.jpg
Replica of the Viktoria trophy
Country Germany
Dates 21 April – 19 May
Teams 6
Champions Freiburger FC
1st German title
Runners-up Viktoria 89 Berlin
Matches played 5
Goals scored 26 (5.2 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Philipp Burkart
Helmut Röpnack
(4 goals each)

The 1907 German football championship was the fifth season in which teams competed for the national championship title. Six teams qualified to reach the final stages of the competition, and the winners were Freiburger FC, defeating Viktoria 89 Berlin 3–1 in the final.[1]

For Freiburger FC it was the sole appearance in the German championship final. Viktoria 89 Berlin made its first of four final appearances in 1907, going on to win the 1908 and 1911 championships as well as losing the 1909 final in between.[2][3][4]

Viktoria's Helmut Röpnack and Freiburg's Phillip Burkart were the top scorers of the 1907 championship with four goals each.[5]

Six clubs qualified for the competition played in knock-out format, the champions of each of the six regional football championships.[1]

Qualified teams[edit]

The teams qualified through the regional championships:[1]

Qualified team Qualified from
Schlesien Breslau South Eastern German champions
Viktoria 89 Berlin VBB champions
VfB Leipzig Central German champions
FC Victoria Hamburg Northern German champions
Düsseldorfer FC 99 Western German champions
Freiburger FC Southern German champions



The preliminary round, played on 21 April 1907:[6]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Viktoria 89 Berlin 2–1 Schlesien Breslau
SC Victoria Hamburg 8–1 Düsseldorfer FC 99


SC Victoria Hamburg 1 – 4 Viktoria 89 Berlin
Klinkrad Goal 40' Dumke Goal 10'
Röpnack Goal 19'65'
Reinke Goal 90'
HFC 1888-Platz, Hamburg
Referee: Hinze

Freiburger FC 3 – 2 VfB Leipzig
Burkart Goal Goal
Mayer Goal
Steinbeck Goal
Richter Goal
Club-Stadion an der Ziegelgasse, Nuremberg
Attendance: 1,100
Referee: Müller


Freiburger FC 3 – 1 Viktoria 89 Berlin
Glaser Goal 30' (pen.)
Burkart Goal 57'80'
Report Röpnack Goal 43' (pen.)
Stadion am Kanal, Frankenthal
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Eikhof
' Hungary Paul Gilly-Goldberger
' German Empire August Falschlunger
' German Empire L. C. de Villiers
' German Empire Max Mayer
' German Empire Felix Hunn
' German Empire Josef Glaser
' German Empire Fritz Bodenweber
' Switzerland Henri Sydler
' German Empire Hofherr
' German Empire Max Haase
' German Empire Philipp Burkart
' German Empire Paul Scranowitz
' German Empire Helmut Röpnack
' German Empire Willi Hahn
' German Empire Paul Fischer
' German Empire Willi Knesebeck
' German Empire Paul Hunder
' German Empire Adolf Deni
' German Empire Emil Reinke
' German Empire Paul Kralle
' German Empire Otto Dumke
' German Empire Reinhold Bock


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