1907 Kaiser Preis

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The 1907 Kaiser Preis was a Grand Prix motor race held at Taunus on 13–14 June 1907.

Heat 1[edit]

Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 8A Italy Vincenzo Lancia FIAT 2 2h56m17
2 3A Germany Fritz von Opel Opel 2 3h01m00
3 16A Belgium Lucien Hautvast Pipe 2 3h02m56
4 19A Germany P.Geller Adler 2 3h02m56
5 35A Italy Alessandro Cagno Itala 2 3h07m26
6 37A Belgium Hugo Wilhelm Metallurgique 2 3h08m05
7 3B Germany Carl Jörns Opel 2 3h10m08
8 26A Germany R. Schmidt Eisenach 2 3h11m39
9 14A Italy Vincenzo Florio Darracq 2 3h11m50
10 7A France Victor Hemery Benz 2 3h12m52
11 10A United Kingdom Moore-Brabazon Minerva 2 3h14m56
12 13A France Fernand Gabriel
Belgium Arthur Duray
Lorraine-Dietrich 2 3h16m01
13 15A Germany Gerhard Adelberger Protos 2 3h34m20
14 6A France Marc Jeannin Sun 2 3h35m18
15 40A Germany Henze Imperia 2 3h37m43
16 31A France Douet Gobron-Brillié 2 3h41m36
17 1A Germany F.Schmidt Durkopp 2 3h44m41
18 33A Italy Gianmaria Tomaselli Bianchi 2 3h48m25
19 34A Belgium Camille Jenatzy Mercedes 2 3h50m55
20 32A Germany Beutler Martini 2 3h57m06
21 41A Germany Saze Graf und Stift 2 3h58m54
22 20A France Ferey Vinot 2 3h59m52
23 22A Germany Emil Mathis Mathis 2 4h03m17
24 23A Germany Franz Kirchheim Ehrhardt 2 4h16m01
25 12A France A.Lavergne Mors 2 4h28m25
Ret 1B Germany Rudolf Oelerisch Durkopp 1
Ret 18A Germany B.Buckner Horch 1
Ret 4A Italy Taddioli Rebour 1
Ret 42A Germany Carl Fritsch NAG 1
Ret 5A Germany Flohr Argus 0
Ret 9A United Kingdom "Alexander Burton" Mercedes 0
Ret 11A France A.Villemain Martin-Lethimonnier 0
Ret 27A Italy Vincenzo Trucco Isotta Fraschini 0
Ret 28A Italy Enrico Maggioni Zust 0
Ret 29A United Kingdom Oliver Bush Daimler 0
Ret 30A France Emile Stricker Porthos 0
Ret 36A Bohemia Otto Hyeronymous Gaggenau 0
Ret 7B Germany Dietrich Spamann Benz 0
Ret 39A United Kingdom Lord Glentworth Napier 0
DNA 17A Italy Carlo Raggio FLAG
DNA 21A Germany Wladin Rochet-Schneider
DNA 24A Germany Boschis Breuetti-Fiat
DNA 25A France Leon Collinet Ariès
DNA 25B France Jean Vallee Ariès
DNA 28B Italy Marco Conti Zust
DNA 37C Belgium Bussing Metallurgique
DNA 38A France G.Busson Lucia
7C Germany Schulz Benz Alternative driver
9B Austria-Hungary Ferdinand Porsche Mercedes Alternative driver
19C Germany Christer Junk Adler Alternative driver
42B Germany R.Scholz NAG Alternative driver
1C Austria-Hungary Beneslav Jarosch Durkopp