1907 Targa Florio

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The 1907 Targa Florio was a Grand Prix motor race held at Madonie on 22 April 1907. It was run over 3 laps of the 92.473 mile circuit, totaling 277.42 miles.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 20B Italy Felice Nazzaro Fiat 3 8h17m36.4s
2 20A Italy Vincenzo Lancia Fiat 3 +11m53.0s
3 21B France Maurice Fabry Itala 3 +15m11.2s
4 11A Belgium Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich 3 +21m30.0s
5 21A Italy Alessandro Cagno Itala 3 +21m39.8s
6 11B France Fernand Gabriel Lorraine-Dietrich 3 +22m9.8s
7 7D Italy Giuseppe Tamagni Isotta Fraschini 3 +24m9.2s
8 20C Germany Aldo Weilschott Fiat 3 +25m16.0s
9 7C France Marc Sorel Isotta Fraschini 3 +34m34.2s
10 7B Italy Ferdinando Minoia Isotta Fraschini 3 +35m43.2s
11 9A France Pierre Garcet Clément-Bayard 3 +36m4.6s
12 4A Italy Enrico Maggioni Zust 3 +42m31.0s
13 14A Italy Domenico Masino de Luca-Daimler 3 +43m45.8s
14 19A France "Dureste" Gobron-Brillié 3 +52m47.6s
15 23A Germany Fritz Erle Benz 3 +53m39.2s
16 8B Italy Vittorio Gremo Junior F.J.T.A. 3 +56m2.0s
17 23C Germany Dietrich Spamann Benz 3 +58m20.2s
18 16A Italy Felice Buzio Diatto-Clément 3 +1h2m29.0s
19 9B Richard Gaudeman Clément-Bayard 3 +1h11m24.0s
20 14C France Hubert Le Blon de Luca-Daimler 3 +1h13m56.0s
21 4B Italy Mario Conti Zust 3 +1h20m23.0s
22 9C France Léon Collinet Clément-Bayard 3 +1h21m40.8s
23 6B Italy "Gallina" Rapid 3 +1h32m33.6s
24 23B Clemente de Bojano Benz 3 +1h35m32.2s
25 4C Italy Leonina du Zara Zust 3 +1h41m17.2s
26 14B France Victor Hémery de Luca-Daimler 3 +1h58m39.0s
27 17A "Gaste" Radia-l'Automotrice 3 +2h15m44.6s
28 17B Edoardo Marnier Radia-l'Automotrice 3 +2h31m36.4s
29 19B France "Favre" Gobron-Brillié 3 +2h59m39.2s
30 1B Italy Carlo Pizzagalli Pilain 3 +3h24m16.6s
Ret 3A France Louis Wagner Darracq 2 Half Shaft
Ret 8C Italy Guido de Martino Junior F.J.T.A. 2 Retired
Ret 6A Italy Ernesto Ceirano Rapid 2 Retired
Ret 19C France "Douet" Gobron-Brillié 2 Retired
Ret 2A Germany Fritz von Opel Opel 1 Retired
Ret 7A Italy Vincenzo Trucco Isotta Fraschini 1 Retired
Ret 3B France René Hanriot Darracq 1 Half Shaft
Ret 6C Italy Tallio Cariolato Rapid 1 Retired
Ret 8A Italy Francesco Tololli Junior F.J.T.A. 0 Retired
Ret 10A France Victor Rigal Berliet 0 Retired
Ret 10B France Jean Porporato Berliet 0 Retired
Ret 18A Otto Hyeronimus Gaggenau 0 Retired
Ret 1A Italy Philippe Salviani Pilain 0 Retired
Ret 22A Bernhard Caspar Ajax 0 Retired
Ret 18B "Hube" Gaggenau 0 Retired
Ret 4D Italy Giancarlo Capuggi Zust 0 Retired
DNS 5A France Paul Rivierne Couverchal Did Not Appear
DNS 12A unknown Métallurgique Did Not Appear
DNS 13A France "Besson" Lucia Did Not Appear
DNS 15A "Picklen" Charron Did Not Appear

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