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The following is an overview of the events of 1907 in motorsport, including the major racing events, racing festivals, circuits that were opened and closed during a year, championships and non-championship events that were established and disestablished in a year, births and deaths of racing drivers and other motorsport people.

Annual events[edit]

The calendar includes only annual major non-championship events or annual events that had own significance separate from the championship. For the dates of the championship events see related season articles.

Date Event Ref
21 April 2nd Targa Florio [1]
28 May 1st Isle of Man TT [2]

Opened motorsport venues[edit]

  • 17 July - opening of Brooklands, the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit.[n 1][3]


Date Month Name Nationality Occupation Note Ref
12 April Eugène Chaboud French Racing driver 24 Hours of Le Mans winner (1938). [4]
14 July Chico Landi Brazilian Racing driver The first Brazilian Formula One driver. [5]
8 September Casimiro de Oliveira Portuguese Racing driver The first Portuguese Formula One driver. [6]
25 November John Stuart Hindmarsh British Racing driver 24 Hours of Le Mans winner (1936). [7]


  1. ^ Several venues hosted auto races prior to the opening of Brooklands, but all were originally built for purposes other than motorsport. The Milwaukee Mile (1903), Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville (1904), and Aspendale Racecourse near Melbourne (1906) were all originally built as horse racing tracks. Prior to the opening of Brooklands, Crystal Palace, London built a cycle track which was also used for motorcycle racing.


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