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Years in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1907.


February events[edit]

April events[edit]

May events[edit]

  • May 18 - The Ravenswood branch of the old Northwestern Elevated system of the Chicago 'L' (today's Brown Line), opens for service between the Loop and Western and Leland Avenues in Lincoln Square.

June events[edit]

July events[edit]

August events[edit]

October events[edit]

November events[edit]

December events[edit]

  • December 14 - The Ravenswood extension on what is now the Brown Line opens between Western Avenue and the current terminal at Kimball and Lawrence Avenues in Albany Park.

Unknown date events[edit]


June births[edit]

  • June 2 - Eric Treacy, British Anglican bishop and railway photographer (died 1978).

November births[edit]


May deaths[edit]

October deaths[edit]


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