1908 Championship of Australia

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West Adelaide won the championship.

The 1908 Championship of Australia was an Australian rules football match that took place on 3 October 1908.

The championship was contested by the premiers of the VFL, Carlton and the premiers of the SAFL, West Adelaide.

The match was played at Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, South Australia.

The match, played in front of 13,000, was won by West Adelaide by a margin of 29 points, giving West Adelaide its 1st Championship of Australia Title.[1]

Match details[edit]

Championship of Australia
3 October 1908 West Adelaide def. Carlton Adelaide Oval (crowd: 13,000)
2.3 (15)
7.4 (46)
9.5 (59)
 12.9 (81)
2.1 (13)
3.2 (20)
7.7 (49)
 7.10 (52)
Umpires: A Hickey
J McCarthy 5
W Dowling, W Price 2
J Daly, T Leahy, T Moore 1
Goals V Gardiner, F Elliott 2
H Kelly, J Flynn, R McGregor 1