1908 Circuito di Bologna

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The 1908 circuito di Bologna 1908 was a car race.

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The path chosen by the organizers, the first of which industrialist and owner Vincenzo jr. Florio, wound for 52 km. roads entirely flat, with deep ditches on either side, long straights that ended with a very treacherous curves (three cars ended up in ditches or canals).
Four girls, waving flags in postcard, symbolizing the four places at the top of the circuit: Bologna (Borgo Panigale), Castelfranco Emilia, Sant'Agata Bolognese and San Giovanni in Persiceto.
The grandstand was located at the Tavernelle.
Ten rounds to play, for a total of 528 km, the 6 September, prize, the "Coppa Florio".
The next day there was a second run of only eight times (4222, 4 km) for the "Targa Bologna".
The first race was won by Felice Nazzaro in a Fiat-average of 120 km/h. At the beginning of the 20th century, Fiat launched its first model and Florio Jr.. was among the early customers.
The car was brought to Palermo from a mechanic who had the test to explain the customer with the car. That mechanic was called Felice Nazzaro and had become, in a few years, one of the most famous racing drivers.
The meeting and, later, the friendship between Florio and Nazzaro was without doubt one of the reasons that led Vincent jr. devote himself entirely to motoring, first as a conductor and then as an organizer.

Notable people[edit]

Enzo Ferrari aged 10 saw it, and decided to become a car driver.


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