1909 Norwegian Football Cup

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1909 Norwegian Football Cup
Norgesmester i fotball for menn 1909
Country Norway Norway
Teams 6
Defending champions Lyn
Champions Lyn (2nd title)
Runners-up Odd
Matches played 5

The 1909 Norwegian Football Cup was the eighth season of the Norwegian annual knockout football tournament. The tournament was open for 1909 local association leagues (kretsserier) champions, except in Smaalene and Kristiania og omegn where a separate cup qualifying tournament was held. Lyn won their second consecutive title.


First round[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
18 September 1909
Ulf (Drammen) 0–2 Odd
Lyn (Gjøvik) 2–4 Fredrikstad


Team 1  Score  Team 2
25 September 1909
Lyn 9–2 Fredrikstad
Odd 2–0 Trondhjems Teknikere



Lyn4–3 (aet)[3]Odd
Attendance: 4,000
Referee: Christian Wiese, Akademisk FK
GK August Heiberg Kahrs
DF Ola Tygesen
DF Paul Due
MF Henrik Nordby
MF Erling Lorck
MF Hjalmar Syversen
FW Alf Paus
FW Knut Heyerdahl-Larsen
FW Victor Nysted
FW Erling Maartmann
FW Rolf Maartmann
GK Thostrup Rødseth
DF Peder Henriksen
DF Henry Pettersen
MF August Fredriksen
MF Marius Lund
MF Einar Pedersen
FW Otto Olsen
FW Berthold Pettersen
FW Bjarne Gulbrandsen
FW Thormod Lie
FW Henry Reinholdt


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