1909 World Figure Skating Championships

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1909 World Figure Skating Championships
Type: ISU Championship
Season: 1909
Location: Stockholm, Sweden (men and pairs)
Budapest, Austria-Hungary (ladies)
Men's singles:
Sweden Ulrich Salchow
Ladies' singles:
Hungary Lily Kronberger
Pair skating:
United Kingdom Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson
1908 World Championships
1910 World Championships

The World Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union in which figure skaters compete for the title of World Champion.

The 1909 men competitions took place on February 7–8 in Stockholm, Sweden. The 1909 ladies competitions took place on January 23–24 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. Lily Kronberger was the only competitor. The 1909 pairs competition took place on February 8 in Stockholm, Sweden.



Rank Name Nation Points Places
1 Ulrich Salchow  Sweden 413.0 7
2 Per Thorén  Sweden 407.5 10
3 Ernst Herz  Austria 388.1 16
4 Richard Johansson  Sweden 20
5 Fedor Datlin  Russia 22



Rank Name Nation Points Places
1 Lily Kronberger  Hungary 5



Rank Name Nation Points Places
1 Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson  United Kingdom 116 5.5
2 Valborg Lindahl / Nils Rosenius  Sweden 111 9.5
3 Gertrud Ström / Richard Johansson  Sweden 94 16
4 Mimi Grømer / Karl Erikson  Norway 22
5 Alexia Schøien / Yngvar Bryn  Norway 22


O. C. Thorstensen voted the top two couples exactly the same (each 1.5 placings) and the other three couples also exactly the same (each 4 placings).


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