1909 in South Africa

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South Africa

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The following lists events that happened during 1909 in South Africa.



  • 25 – Mahatma Gandhi is arrested at Volksrust for failure to produce a registration certificate and is sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.
  • 30 – Mahatma Gandhi and the Transvaal Indian Deputation arrive back in Cape Town.
Unknown date
  • South Africa becomes the first non-European country to join FIFA.




Railway lines opened[edit]

  • 4 February – Natal – Creighton to Riverside (Cape), 12 miles 3 chains (19.4 kilometres).[2]
  • 1 April – Natal – Vryheid East to Hlobane, 17 miles (27.4 kilometres).[2]
  • 18 May – Cape Midland – Barkly Bridge to Alexandria, 54 miles 20 chains (87.3 kilometres).[3]


  • Two new Cape gauge locomotive types enter service on the Natal Government Railways (NGR):
    • The first five of thirty 4-8-2 tender locomotives, the world’s first true Mountain type locomotive. In 1912 it will be designated Class B on the South African Railways (SAR).[4][5][6]
    • A single 2-6-6-0 Mallet articulated compound steam locomotive, the first Mallet type to enter service in South Africa. In 1912 it will be designated Class MA on the SAR.[4][6]
  • The NGR begins to modify some of its Class C 4-10-2T Reid Tenwheeler locomotives to a 4-8-2T wheel arrangement to make them suitable for yard work without the risk of derailing as a result of the long ten-coupled wheelbase. In 1912 these will be designated Class H2 on the SAR.[6][7]


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