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Years in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1909.


January events[edit]

March events[edit]

  • March 7 - The Winona Interurban Electric Railway (Indiana) is forced by its major creditor to begin operations on Sundays, a move resisted by its Sabbatarian founders, including H.J. Heinz and J. M. Studebaker.[2]

April events[edit]

K1, the first Garratt locomotive, photographed by its builders, Beyer, Peacock

May events[edit]

  • May 17 - Firemen on the Georgia Railroad strike to protest the hiring of African-Americans.

June events[edit]

July events[edit]

August events[edit]

September events[edit]

October events[edit]

November events[edit]

December events[edit]

Unknown date events[edit]


August births[edit]

  • August 4 – Isabel Benham, American railroad financial expert, is born (d. 2013).


February deaths[edit]

March deaths[edit]

May deaths[edit]

July deaths[edit]

September deaths[edit]

October deaths[edit]


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