1910 FA Charity Shield

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1910 FA Charity Shield
EventFA Charity Shield
Date5 September 1910
VenueStamford Bridge, London

The 1910 FA Charity Shield was the third Charity Shield, a football match contested by the winners of the previous season's Football League and Southern League competitions. The match was played on 5 September 1910 between 1909–10 Football League winners Aston Villa and 1909–10 Southern League champions Brighton and Hove Albion. The match was played at Stamford Bridge, London, and ended with a 1–0 win for Brighton and Hove Albion. The goal was scored by Charlie Webb, an amateur, with 18 minutes of play remaining.

In the five years that the Charity Shield was contested by the winners of the Football League and Southern League between 1908 and 1912, this was the only occasion on which the Southern League champions prevailed. The victory remains Brighton and Hove Albion's only national honour to date.

Match details[edit]

Brighton and Hove Albion1–0Aston Villa
Webb Goal 72'
Attendance: 13,000
GK 1 England Bob Whiting
RB 2 England Fred Blackman
LB 3 England Joe Leeming
RH 4 England Billy Booth
CH 5 Scotland Joe McGhie
LH 6 England Jack Haworth
OR 7 England Bert Longstaff
IR 8 England Jimmy Coleman
CF 9 England Bullet Jones
IL 10 Ireland Charlie Webb
OL 11 England Bill Hastings
England Jack Robson
GK 1 England Arthur Cartlidge
RB 2 England Tommy Lyons
LB 3 England Freddie Miles
RH 4 England George Tranter
CH 5 England Chris Buckley
LH 6 England George Hunter
OR 7 England Charlie Wallace
IR 8 England Joe Walters
CF 9 England Billy Gerrish
IL 10 England Joe Bache
OL 11 England Bert Hall
Scotland George Ramsay


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