1910 News of the World Match Play

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1910 News of the World Match Play
Tournament information
Dates 4–6 October 1910
Location Sunningdale, Berkshire, England
Course(s) Sunningdale Golf Club
Organised by The PGA
Format Match play – 18 holes
(Final 36 holes)
Field 32 players
Prize fund £240
Winner's share £100
England James Sherlock
def. George Duncan 8 & 6
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1911 →
Sunningdale Golf Club is located in England
Sunningdale Golf Club
Sunningdale Golf Club
Location in England

The 1910 News of the World Match Play was the eighth News of the World Match Play tournament. It was played from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 October at Sunningdale Golf Club. 32 players competed in a straight knock-out competition, with each match contested over 18 holes, except for the final which was over 36 holes. The winner received £100 out of a total prize fund of £240. James Sherlock defeated George Duncan 8 & 6 in the final to win the tournament.


Entry was restricted to members of the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA). Qualification was by a series of 36-hole stroke-play competitions; one for each of the eight PGA sections. The Southern section had 13 qualifiers, the Northern section 7, the Midland section 4, the Scottish, Welsh and Western sections 2 and the Eastern and Irish sections 1. Compared to 1909 one entry was allocated to the new Eastern section while the Western and Welsh sections were increased from one to two. The Scottish section was reduced to two and the Irish section to one. In the event of a tie for places there was a playoff.

The qualifiers were:


The format was unchanged. Matches were over 18 holes except for the final which was over 36 holes. Extra holes were played in the event of a tied match. Two rounds were played on the first day, two more on the second day with the final on the third day.



First round
4 October
  Second round
4 October
  Third round
5 October
5 October
6 October
England Ernest Whitcombe    
England James Sherlock 8&6     England James Sherlock 3&1  
Scotland Sandy Herd 2&1   Scotland Sandy Herd    
Jersey Ted Ray         England James Sherlock 6&5  
Jersey Jack Gaudin         England Ernest Foord    
England Ernest Foord 3&2     England Ernest Foord 2&1
Scotland Robert Thomson 4&3   Scotland Robert Thomson    
Scotland James Souter         England James Sherlock 4&3  
England George Tuck         England Eric Bannister    
England Alfred Matthews 1up     England Alfred Matthews    
Jersey Tom Vardon     England Eric Bannister 2&1  
England Eric Bannister 4&2       England Eric Bannister 1up
Jersey Ernest Gaudin 1up       England Sam Whiting    
England Fred Leach       Jersey Ernest Gaudin  
England Sam Whiting 4&3   England Sam Whiting 1up  
England Horace Fulford         England James Sherlock 8&6
Ireland Hugh McNeill         Scotland George Duncan  
England Cyril Hughes 2up     England Cyril Hughes 2&1  
England J. Douglas Edgar 20h   England J. Douglas Edgar    
England Rowland Jones         England Cyril Hughes 3&2  
England Charles Mayo         England J.H. Taylor    
England Fred Robson 3&2     England Fred Robson  
England J.H. Taylor 4&3   England J.H. Taylor 19h  
England William Jeffries         England Cyril Hughes  
England Ernest Riseborough 3&2       Scotland George Duncan 19h  
Scotland John Hunter       England Ernest Riseborough    
England Charles Roberts     Scotland George Duncan 5&4  
Scotland George Duncan 8&6       Scotland George Duncan 3&1
England Tom Ball 7&6       England Tom Ball    
England Rolnad Lewis       England Tom Ball 20h
Scotland Willie Park Jr.     Jersey Harry Vardon    
Jersey Harry Vardon 6&5  

Prize money[edit]

The winner received £100 and a gold medal, the runner-up £30 and a silver medal, the losing semi-finalists £15 and a bronze medal, while the third round losers received £10 and the second round losers received £5.


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