1910 population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Population of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1910

  Orthodox Christians (43.49%)
  Sunni Muslims (32.25%)
  Catholics (22.87%)
  Jews (0.62%)
  Others (0.77%)

The 1910 population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the fourth census of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina taken during the Austro-Hungarian Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • The number of inhabitants: 1,898,044[1]
  • Population density: 37.1 per km²[1]


Type Number Percentage Number change Percentage
Orthodox Christians 825,418 43.49% Increase152,172 Increase0.55%
Sunni Muslims 612,137 32.25% Increase63,505 Decrease2.74%
Catholics 434,061 22.87% Increase99,929 Increase1.56%
Jews 11,868 0.62% Increase3,655 Increase0.1%
Others 14,560 0.77% Increase10,701 Increase0.53%


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