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1911–12 in English football

The 1911–12 season was the 41st season of competitive football in England. Blackburn Rovers won the First Division title for the first time. Preston North End and Bury were relegated, to be replaced by Second Division Champions Derby County and runners up, Chelsea. Barnsley won the FA Cup in a replayed final against West Bromwich Albion. Grimsby Town returned to the Second Division after a season away. Lincoln City were the team to make way for them. In March, Justice A. T. Lawrence established the legality of the football league's retain-and-transfer system with his judgement in the Kingaby case. Former Aston Villa player Herbert Kingaby had brought legal proceedings against his old club for preventing him from playing. Erroneous strategy by Kingaby's counsel resulted in the suit being dismissed. Notes = Number in parentheses is the times. * indicates new record for competition P = Matches played.

Inspur K-UX

Inspur K-UX is a Linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux produced by Inspur, a Chinese multinational company specializing in information technology. Inspur K-UX 2.0 and 3.0 for x86-64 were certified as UNIX systems by The Open Group. Inspur K-UX 1.0 was certified for the Linux Standard Base in 2012. K-UX 1.0 was compiled for the IA-64 architecture. Inspur K-UX 2.0 was one of six commercial operating systems that have versions certified to The Open Group UNIX 03 standard. The operating system was certified running on the Inspur Tiansuo K1; the operating system was compiled for the x86-64 architecture. The UNIX 03 conformance statement for Inspur K-UX 2.0 shows that the standard C compiler is from the GNU Compiler Collection, the system is a Linux distribution in the Red Hat family tree. Inspur K-UX 2.2 is featured in SPEC benchmark results. The benchmark results describe an Intel Xeon-based server running Inspur K-UX Server 2.2. The operating system appears to be based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for the x86-64 architecture.

Inspur K-UX 3.0 was certified as a UNIX OS, according to the same website, its certification expired on 3 February 2019 and has not yet been renewed. Inspur: Mainframe for Key Applications

Mikhail Kissine

Mikhail Kissine is a Belgian linguist who specialises in cognitive pragmatics, clinical linguistics and philosophy of language. Professor of linguistics and director of the Centre of Research in Linguistics in the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Kissine is focusing his research on the language and the cognition in the context of the Autistic Spectrum disorder, he has founded in 2015 a research group ACTE, the goal of, to understand the obstacles to the language development in the context of autism. Mikhail Kissine was born in 1980 in Leningrad in Russia. In 2001, after hesitating between mathematics and theoretical physics he chose to undertake studies in linguistics in the ULB. Kissine received his diploma in 2003 and obtained a scholarship from the Wiener-Anspach Foundation to begin a Master program in Linguistics in the University of Cambridge. After the successful completion of his studies, he returned to the ULB to start a PhD programme at the Centre of Research in Linguistics, his thesis, completed in 2007, focused on the “speech acts” – cognitive and contextual factors that can explain why the same phrase can be understood as an order, a threat or a statement.

Kissine continued his career as a postdoctoral researcher thanks to the National Fund for Scientific Research and in 2012 became the Assistant Professor in the Department of Language and Linguistics of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at ULB. As of 2016 Mikhail Kissine is a professor of linguistics and director of the Centre of Research in Linguistics in the ULB. Two key projects of Kissine today is the BiBi project that studies the impact of bilingualism and bidialectism on the cognitive and linguistic development and the ACTE group the goal of, to understand the obstacles to the language development in the context of autism. Under contract: with Jessica De Villiers Language in Autism 2014: with Mark Jary et Mikhail Kissine Imperatives 2013: From Utterances to Speech Acts 2016: avec Mark Jary When terminiology matters: the imperative as a comparative concept 2016: avec Elise Clin et Jessica De Villiers La pragmatique dans les Troubles du Spectre Autistique. Développements récents 2016: Pragmatics as meta-cognitive control 2012: Pragmatics, cognitive flexibility and autism spectrum disorders 2009: Illocutionary forces and what is said Centre de recherche en linguistique - LaDisco ACTE - Autisme en Contexte: Théorie et Expérience The BiBi project

Amberpet (Assembly constituency)

Amberpet Assembly constituency is a constituency of Telangana Legislative Assembly, India. It is one of 15 constituencies in Capital city of Hyderabad, it is part of Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency. Kaleru Venkatesh is the MLA Member of Legislative Assembly TRS Candidate from Amberpet Constuency won in 2018 Elections in Telangana. G. Kishan Reddy BJP Leader didnot Won From Amberpet Constuency in 2018 Elections, he won 3 times as MLA being a BJP Candidate. Amberpet was carved out of Himayat Nagar Assembly constituency before the 2009 elections as per Delimitation Act of 2002; the Assembly Constituency presently comprises the following neighbourhoods: Amberpet List of constituencies of Telangana Legislative Assembly

HMS St Andrew (1670)

HMS St Andrew was a 96-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built at Woolwich Dockyard under the supervision of Christopher Pett until his death in March 1668, completed by Jonas Shish, launched in 1670. Commanded by George Churchill, she took part in the 1692 victory over the French navy at Barfleur & La Hogue. In 1703, she was renamed HMS Royal Anne, rebuilt at Woolwich as a first rate of 100 guns. In 1707, she served as flagship of Vice-Admiral of the Blue Sir George Byng and belonged to Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's fleet, she saw action during the unsuccessful Battle of Toulon and was present during the great naval disaster off the Isles of Scilly when Shovell and four of his ships were lost, claiming the lives of nearly 2,000 sailors. Royal Anne suffered little to no damage and managed to reach Portsmouth; the Royal Anne was broken up in 1727

MV Loch Seaforth (1947)

MV Loch Seaforth was the Stornoway mailboat operated by David MacBrayne Ltd, from 1947 until 1972. Running aground and sinking in 1973, she blocked the Tiree pier. Built in 1947, Loch Seaforth was the delayed second of two mailboats ordered in 1938. Larger and faster than her predecessors, she became a success at Stornoway. Loch Seaforth remained the biggest MacBrayne ship until the 1964 car ferries, she is the only MacBrayne vessel to have been written off whilst on passenger service. She developed a reputation with the press for mishap, with groundings in Kyle and off Longay; the second of those, in 1966, left her dry for two days. On 22 March 1973, she ran aground on Cleit Rock in the Sound of Gunna with CalMac General Manager and Chairman on board. All passengers were safely taken off and she was towed to Gott Bay, Tiree. A bulkhead gave way when she was pumped out and she sank blocking Tiree's only pier until 11 May. Floating crane, Magnus III lifted the former Stornoway mailboat onto the beach.

She was re-floated and towed to Troon for scrapping. In 2013, CMAL ran a competition to name the new £42 million replacement ferry, ordered in June 2012 for the Stornoway crossing; the name of which won, revived the name of MacBrayne's mail steamer. Loch Seaforth was constructed at Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft in Germany, launched on 21 March 2014 and entered commercial service in February 2015. Loch Seaforth had a short single funnel lengthened. All her cargo space was forward and the foremast incorporated two derricks, she had space for sixteen cars on deck. The "MacBrayne Highlander", a "quasi-figurehead" on her bows, appeared in company publicity for many years. In 1949 Loch Seaforth became the first member of the MacBrayne fleet to be fitted with radar. Built for service from Stornoway, Loch Seaforth started her career there on 6 December 1947, replacing SS Lochness, she spent most of her career on the service to Kyle of Lochalsh. Until 1956, she made a regular call at Applecross and from 1959 to 1963 provided an occasional car ferry service to Armadale, Skye.

Derrick-loading was slow and traffic was lost to the 1964 hoist-loading MV Hebrides at Uig, Skye. In January 1972, Loch Seaforth was withdrawn from the Stornoway route and transferred to Oban as the Inner Isles mailboat, serving Coll, Tiree and Lochboisdale in place of the younger MV Claymore. Soon after this, Ullapool became the mainland port for Stornoway served by MV Iona and the converted MV Clansman. List of ships built by William Denny and Brothers