1911 All-Western college football team

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The 1911 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1911 college football season.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Stanfield Wells, Michigan (AX, CEP, ECP-1, EWC, GWA, LGS, SFE, SJ, WE)
  • Joseph Hoeffel, Wisconsin (EWC, LGS, SFE, WE)
  • Paul Harold Tobin, Minnesota (AX, ECP-2, GWA)
  • Knute Rockne, Notre Dame (SJ)
  • Chauncey B. Oliver, Illinois (ECP-2)


  • Alfred L. Buser, Wisconsin (AX, CEP, ECP-1, EWC [guard], GWA, SFE)
  • Frederick L. Conklin, Michigan (AX, ECP-2, EWC, GWA, LGS, WE)
  • Charles Rademacher, Chicago (CEP, ECP-1, LGS, SFE, WE)
  • Leonard Frank, Minnesota (ECP-2)


  • Horace F. Scruby, Chicago (CEP, ECP-1, EWC, GWA, LGS, SFE, WE)
  • Sylvester V. Shonka, Nebraska (AX, CEP, ECP-2, EWC [tackle], SFE, SJ [tackle], WE)
  • Lucius A. Smith, Minnesota (ECP-1, LGS, SJ)
  • Charles H. Belting, Illinois (AX, GWA)
  • Charles J. Robinson, Minnesota (SJ)
  • Paul Belting, Illinois (ECP-2)


  • Willis "Fat" O'Brien, Iowa (AX, CEP, GWA, LGS, SFE, SJ)
  • Clifford F. Morrell, Minnesota (ECP-1, EWC, WE)
  • R. E. Branstad, Wisconsin (ECP-2)


  • John "Keckie" Moll, Wisconsin (AX, CEP, ECP-2, EWC, GWA, LGS, SJ, WE)
  • Thomas Andrew Gill, Indiana (SFE)
  • Edmund Gillette, Wisconsin (ECP-1)


  • Reuben Martin Rosenwald, Minnesota (AX, CEP [fullback], ECP-1, GWA, LGS, SFE, SJ, WE)
  • Clark Sauer, Chicago (AX [fullback], CEP, ECP-1, GWA [fullback], LGS, SFE, WE)
  • James B. Craig, Michigan (AX, CEP, ECP-2, EWC, GWA)
  • Owen A. Frank, Nebraska (EWC, SJ [tackle])
  • Lewis C. Stevens, Minnesota (ECP-2, SJ)



Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

AX = G. W. Axelson[1]

CEP = Chicago Evening Post[2]

ECP = E. C. Patterson of Collier's Weekly[3]

EWC = Edward W. Cochrane, sporting editor of Kansas City Journal[2]

GWA = G. W. Axelson, sporting editor of Chicago Record-Herald[2]

LGS = L. G. Sullivan, sporting editor of Chicago Daily News[2]

SJ = Edgar L. Shave and John L. Johnson in the St. Paul Daily News[2]

WE = Walter Eckersall[2]

SFE = San Francisco Examiner[2]

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