1911 American Cup

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The 1911 American Cup was the annual open cup held by the American Football Association. Twenty-eight teams entered the tournament. Howard & Bullough of Pawtucket were the winners of this edition.

American Cup Bracket[edit]

Second roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
November 26 - Philadelphia
Philadelphia Hibernian4
January 1 - Philadelphia
Jersey A.C.1
Philadelphia Hibernian3-2
November 24 - Brooklyn
Clan MacDonald3-1
Clan MacDonald0-2
March 4 - Philadelphia
Brooklyn Celtic0-0
Philadelphia Hibernian3
November 27/January 1 - Ansonia
Ansonia F.C.1
Ansonia F.C.4-3
January 22
Brooklyn A.F.C.3-1
Ansonia F.C.1
November 24 - Philadelphia
Scottish Americans0
Collingwood F.C.0
April 9, 23 - Newark
Scottish Americans2
Philadelphia Hibernian1-1
November 28 - Pawtucket
Howard & Bullough1-3
Howard & Bullough2
December 31 - Pawtucket
West Hudson A.A.1
Howard & Bullough5a
November 26 - Trenton
Paterson True Blues4
Trenton Caledonians3-1
March 4 - Pawtucket
Paterson True Blues3-6
Howard & Bullough2
Tacony F.C.1
Wilberforce F.C.0
December 25 - Philadelphia
Tacony F.C.1
Tacony F.C.1
Philadelphia Thistles0
Philadelphia Thistles4

a) aggregate after 3 games


Philadelphia Hibernian (PA) 1–1 Howard & Bullough (RI)
Burroughs 70’ Cannane 80’
Morris Park Newark, New Jersey
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Harry Dale


Philadelphia Hibernian (PA) 1–3 Howard & Bullough (RI)
Burrows 60' McKay, Harvey (2, 1 from PK)
Morris Park Newark, New Jersey
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Harry Dale

Hibs: GK O'Donnell, RF Danks, LF Wilson(c), RMF Waltermate, CMF Blaney, LMF Tillie, OR Burroughs, IR Godfrey, CF Gallagher, IL Smith, OL Hinds.
H&B: GK Healey, RF O'Toole(c), LF Donnelly, RMF Creighton, CMF Brown, LMF Blakely, OR Harvey, IR McKay, CF W.Pemberton, IL E.Pemberton, OL Cannan.