1911 Michoacán earthquake

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1911 Michoacán earthquake
1911 Michoacán earthquake is located in Mexico
1911 Michoacán earthquake
UTC time 1911-06-07 11:02:50
ISC event 16958148
Local date June 7, 1911
Local time 04:26
Magnitude 7.6 Mw
Depth 33 km[1]
Epicenter 17°30′N 102°30′W / 17.5°N 102.5°W / 17.5; -102.5Coordinates: 17°30′N 102°30′W / 17.5°N 102.5°W / 17.5; -102.5[2]
Areas affected Mexico
Casualties 45

The 1911 Michoacán earthquake occurred on June 7 at 04:26 local time (11:02 UTC).[3][4] The epicenter was located near the coast of Michoacán, Mexico. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6 on the moment magnitude scale.[5] 45 people were reported dead.[6] In Mexico City, 119 houses were destroyed.[7] Cracks were reported in Palacio Nacional, Escuela Normal para Maestros, Escuela Preparatoria, Inspección de Policía, and Instituto Geológico.[8] Ciudad Guzmán, the seat of Zapotlán el Grande, Jalisco, suffered great damage.[9]

The earthquake occurred hours before the revolutionary Francisco I. Madero entered Mexico City in the same day, and it was also known as "temblor maderista".

On June 7, 2011, a ceremony was held in Ciudad Guzmán commemorating the centenary of this earthquake.[10]

This earthquake was a megathrust earthquake along the Middle America Trench (MAT), a major subduction zone.[11]

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