1912 All-Western college football team

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The 1912 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1912 college football season.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Joseph Hoeffel, Wisconsin (Ax, ECP-1, WE-1)
  • Miller Pontius, Michigan (Ax, ECP-1, FY [tackle], WE-1)
  • Roy Torbet, Michigan (FY)
  • John Vruwink, Chicago (FY)
  • Harold R. Mulligan, Nebraska (WE-2)
  • Andrew N. Johnson, Northwestern (WE-2)


  • Bob Butler, Wisconsin (Ax, ECP-1, FY, WE-1) (CFHOF)
  • Jim Trickey, Iowa (ECP-1, WE-2)
  • Donald B. Barricklow, Ohio State (WE-1)
  • Carpeneter, Chicago (WE-2)


  • Ray Keeler, Wisconsin (Ax, ECP-1, WE-1)
  • Clark Shaughnessy, Minnesota (Ax [tackle], ECP-1) (CFHOF)
  • Fred Ebert, Wabash (WE-1)
  • Clem Quinn, Michigan (FY)
  • Russell J. McCurdy, Michigan Agricultural (FY)
  • Henry Hanson, Iowa (WE-2)
  • Ernest Allmendinger, Michigan (WE-2)



  • Edmund Gillette, Wisconsin (Ax, ECP-1, FY, WE-1)
  • Gus Dorais, Notre Dame (WE-2) (CFHOF)


  • James B. Craig, Michigan (Ax, ECP-1, FY, WE-1)
  • John VanRiper, Wisconsin (Ax, ECP-1, WE-1)
  • Elmer Oliphant, Purdue (WE-2)
  • William McAlmon, Minnesota (FY, WE-2)



Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

Ax = George W. Axelson, Chicago football writer[1]

ECP = E. C. Patterson for Collier's Weekly[2]

FY = Fielding H. Yost, head football coach at University of Michigan, in the Detroit Free Press[3][4]

WE = Walter Eckersall for the Chicago Tribune[5]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

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