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The 1912 Birthday Honours were appointments in the British Empire of King George V to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by citizens. The appointments were made to celebrate the official birthday of The King, and were published on 11 June 1912.[1]

The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.

British Empire[edit]

The Most Honourable Order of the Bath[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)[edit]

Military Division

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
Civil Division

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)[edit]

Military Division
  • Major-General George Frederick Gorringe, CMG DSO, Brigade Commander, Bombay Brigade.
  • Surgeon-General William Babtie, VC CMG, Deputy Director-General, Army Medical Service.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Lionel Herbert, CVO, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, Rangoon Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Henry Peregrine Leader, Brigade Commander, Sialkot Brigade.
  • Colonel Edward Hume Armitage, Colonel-in-charge of Records, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery.
  • Colonel Herbert Edward Watts, Commanding No.9 District, Eastern Command.
  • Colonel Gerald James Cuthbert, Commanding Scots Guards and Regimental District.
  • Colonel Felix Frederic Hill, DSO, Commanding No.11 District, Irish Command.
  • Colonel George Francis Milne, DSO, General Staff Officer, 1st grade, 6th Division, Irish Command.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Hubert de la Poer Gough, Brigade Commander, 3rd Cavalry Brigade, Irish Command.
  • Colonel Turville Douglas Foster, MVO, Assistant Quartermaster-General, Staff College.
  • Colonel Colquhoun Grant Roche Thackwell, DSO, Indian Army.
  • Colonel Francis Patrick Hutchinson, Indian Army.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) William Hugh Dobbie, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, Mandalay Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Raleigh Gilbert Egerton, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, Ferozepore Brigade.
  • Colonel (temporary Brigadier-General) Herbert Vaughan Cox, CSI, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, Rawalpindi Infantry Brigade.
  • Colonel Arnold Henry Grant Kemball, Indian Army.
  • Colonel Robert Maximilian Rainey-Robinson, Indian Army.
  • Colonel Robert Neil Campbell, CIE, Indian Medical Service.
Civil Division

Order of the Star of India[edit]

Knight Grand Commander (GCSI)[edit]

Knight Commander (KCSI)[edit]

Companion (CSI)[edit]

  • Abbas Ali Baig, Member of the Council of India.
  • Oswald Campbell Lees, late Chief Engineer and Secretary to the Government of Burma, Public Works Department.
  • Paul Gregory Melitus, CIE, Indian Civil Service, lately Member of the Board of Revenue, Eastern Bengal and Assam.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Albert Edward Woods, Indian Army, Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills.
  • William Exall Tempest Bennett, Chief Engineer to the Government of the Punjab, Public Works Department, Irrigation Branch.
  • Honorary Major Sahibzada Obaidullah Khan, Commandant, Bhopal Imperial Service Troops.
  • William Ogilvie Home, Indian Civil Service, Acting Third Member of the Board of Revenue and Commissioner of Land Revenue and Forests, and a Member of the Council of the Governor of Fort St. George for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Pazhamarneri Sundaram Aiyar Sivaswami Aiyar, CIE, an Ordinary Member of the Council of the Governor of Fort St. George.
  • William Harrison Moreland, CIE, Indian Civil Service, lately Director of Land Records and Agriculture, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
  • Edward Albert Gait, Indian Civil Service, Census Commissioner for India.
  • Dewan Bahadur Chaube Raghunath Das, Dewan of the Kotah State, Rajputana.
  • Colonel Lestock Hamilton Reid, Judge Advocate-General in India.
  • Surgeon-General Henry Wickham Stevenson, Indian Medical Service, Surgeon General to the Government of Bombay, and an Additional Member of the Council of the Governor of Bombay for making Laws and Regulations.

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)[edit]

Honorary Knights Grand Cross

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

Honorary Companion
  • Dato Mohamed bin Mahbob, State Secretary, Johore.

Order of the Indian Empire[edit]

Knight Grand Commander (GCIE)[edit]

Knight Commander (KCIE)[edit]

  • John Twigg, Indian Civil Service (Retd.), lately Acting First Member of the Board of Revenue and Commissioner of Salt, Abkari and Separate Revenue.
  • George Abraham Grierson, CIE, Indian Civil Service (Retd.)
  • Marc Aurel Stein, CIE D.Sc, Archaeological Department, Superintendent, North-West Frontier Circle.
  • Major-General Francis Henry Rutherford Drummond, CB CIE, Indian Army (Retd.), lately Inspector-General of Imperial Service Troops.
  • His Highness Rai-i-Rayan Maharawal-Sri Bijaya Singh Bahadur, of Dungarpur, Rajputana.
  • Nawab Bahrain Khan, CIE, Head of the Mazari Tribe in Dera Ghazi Khan, a Member of the Council of the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab for making Laws and Regulations.
  • Henry Alexander Kirk, CIE, India Office, Director-in-Chief, Indo-European Telegraph Department.

Companion (CIE)[edit]

  • Pierce Langrishe Moore, Indian Civil Service, President of the Municipal Corporation of Madras.
  • Alfred Chatterton, Indian Educational Service, Superintendent of Industrial Education, Madras.
  • Major Arthur Abercromby Duff, lately Military Secretary to the Governor of Madras.
  • Major John Lawrence William ffrench-Mullen, Indian Army, Commandant, Myitikyina Military Police Battalion, Burma.
  • Bernard Coventry, Imperial Agricultural Service, Director of the Agricultural Research Institute, Officiating Inspector General of Agriculture.
  • Albert John Harrison.
  • Richard Hamilton Campbell, Indian Civil Service, Private Secretary to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore.
  • Rao Bahadur Bangalore Perumal Annaswami Mudaliar, Member of the Municipal Commission of the Civil and Military Station of Bangalore.
  • Sidney Kilner Levett-Yeats, Accountant-General, Posts and Telegraphs, India.
  • Frederick George Wigley, Barrister-at-Law, Assistant Secretary, Legislative Department, Bengal Government.
  • Prafulla Chandra Ray, D.Sc, Educational Service, Professor, Presidency College, Calcutta.
  • Colonel Francis Raymond, Principal, Veterinary College, Belgachia, Bengal.
  • Colonel Michael Joseph Tighe, CB DSO, Commandant, 56th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force).
  • Lieutenant-Colonel William Bernard James, MVO, lately on duty with the Coronation Durbar Committee.
  • Major Sydney D'Aguilar Crookshank, MVO, Royal Engineers, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh.
  • Edward Denison Boss, in charge of the Records of the Government of India, and ex-officio Assistant Secretary, Education Department, Government of India.
  • John Hugh Cox, Indian Civil Service, Commissioner of Excise in Central India.
  • Khan Bahadur Muhammad Israr Hasan Khan, Provincial Civil Service, Judicial Minister, Bhopal State, Central India.
  • Major Reginald O'Bryan Taylor, lately Commandant of the Imperial Cadet Corps.
  • David Wann Aikman, Public Works Department, Sanitary Engineer, Punjab.
  • Rai Bahadur Pandit Hari Kishan Kaul, Uncovenanted Civil Service, Punjab, Deputy Commissioner, 3rd Grade, and Superintendent of Census Operations.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick William Wodehouse, Bombay Political Department, Resident at Kolhapur, and Political Agent, Southern Mahratta Country.
  • Colonel Richard Henry Ewart, DSO, Indian Army, lately Director of Farms.
  • Colonel Maitland Cowper, Indian Army, late General Staff Officer, 1st Grade, 1st Burma Division.
  • Thomas Walker Arnold, India Office, Educational Adviser to Indian Students.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Henry James, Indian Medical Service, Medical Adviser, Patiala State.

Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[edit]

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)[edit]

Member of the Royal Victorian Order, 4th class (MVO)[edit]

  • Willie Netterville Barren, MRCS.
  • Major Edward Boustead Cuthbertson.

Companions of the Imperial Service Order (ISO)[edit]

Home Civil Service
  • William David Barber, Chief Civil Assistant to the Hydrographer, Admiralty.
  • Frederick Charles Davison, late Chief Accountant, War Office.
  • John Duff, Consul, Gothenburg.
  • Charles Edward Fagan, Assistant Secretary, British Museum.
  • Lumley Arnold Marshall, Principal Clerk, Post Office.
  • John Thomas Mulqueen, Collector of Customs and Excise, Dublin.
  • Hugh Malcolm Robinson, Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories.
  • John Emilius Ernest Steigen Berger Sharp, Assistant Record Keeper, Record Office.
  • Joseph Simpson, Assistant Secretary and Comptroller, Dublin Inland Revenue.
Colonial Civil Service
  • Louis Adams, Chief Cashier, Office of the Crown Agents for the Colonies.
  • Edward Ernest Evelyn, Senior Assistant Colonial Secretary, Colony of Sierra Leone.
  • Algernon Bernard Harcourt, Assistant Provincial Commissioner and Provincial Secretary, Eastern Province, Southern Nigeria.
  • John William Holliman, Under Secretary for Finance and Trade, State of New South Wales.
  • Robert Johnstone, Assistant Colonial Secretary of the Island of Jamaica.
  • Charles William Langford, Excise Officer, Colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Edwin Faunce Lonsdale, Secretary for Justice (Legal), Department of Justice, Union of South Africa.
  • Donald Robertson, Secretary, Post Office and Telegraph Department, Dominion of New Zealand.
  • John Strauchon, Surveyor-General, Lands and Survey Department, Dominion of New Zealand.
  • William Henry Walker, Chief Clerk, Department of External Affairs, Dominion of Canada.
Office of the Secretary of State for India
Civil Services in India
  • Sir Charles Bayley, KCSI, Lieutenant Governor of Behar and Orissa.
  • Babu Charu Chandra Goswami, Registrar, Assam Secretariat, Revenue and General Departments.
  • William James Drake, Registrar to the Government of India, Public Works Department.
  • Maung Po Sa, Additional District Judge, Thaton, Burma.
  • John Charles Clancey, FRAS FSI, Assistant Director of Land Records, Burma.
  • Nawab Saiyid Mahammad, Khan Bahadur, Provincial Executive Service, Inspector General of Registration, Bengal.
  • George Joseph Rogers, Extra Assistant Resident, Kashmir, and Superintendent, Kashmir Residency Office.
  • Mohammad Aziz-ud-din Hussain Sahib Bahadur, Khan Bahadur, Collector and Magistrate of South Arcot, Madras Presidency.
  • Francis George Marshall, Deputy Commissioner of Salt, Abkari and Customs, Central Division, Madras Presidency.
  • M. R. Ry. Chingleput Ratna Mudaliar Avergal, Chief Interpreter, Presidency Magistrate's Court, Egmore, Madras.
  • Andrew Peter Mitchell, Provincial Educational Service, Inspector of Schools, Central Provinces.
  • Babu Ram Smaran Lai, Provincial Executive Service, Deputy Collector, Farrakhabad, United Provinces.
  • Leonard Charles Dixon Bean, Traffic Superintendent, North-Western State Railway.
  • Rao Bahadur Kashinath Keshav Thakur, MA, LLB, Provincial Civil Service, Divisional and Sessions Judge, Nagpur.
  • Conly James Dease, Superintendent of Post Offices, North-West Frontier Province.
  • Isa Charan Chandu Lal, Punjab, Provincial Civil Service, Settlement Officer, Gujranwala, Punjab.
  • Henry Raynor Goulding, VD, Assistant Secretary to the Financial Commissioners, Punjab.
  • Rao Bahadur Vithalrai Himatram, Daftardar, Kathiawar Agency, Bombay Presidency.
  • Henry Alfred Hall, late Superintendent, Deccan Extramural Gang, Bombay Presidency.
  • Khan Bahadur Saiyed Shams-ud-din Saiyed Mian Kadri, Provincial Service, Oriental Translator to Government, Bombay Presidency.
  • Robert George Girard, Collector of Income Tax, Bengal.
  • Godrez Dorabjee Pudumjee, Deputy Accountant-General, Bombay.

Royal Red Cross (RRC)[edit]

Honorary Ranks[edit]

Honorary Major
Honorary Chaplain to His Majesty


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