1912 English cricket season

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1912 English cricket season

1912 was the 23rd season of County Championship cricket in England. The much-criticised Triangular Tournament of Test Matches was held between England, Australia and South Africa. The contest was effectively ruined by one of the wettest summers on record and was never repeated. England retained the Ashes, having defeated Australia in one Test.


Test series[edit]

England won one of its matches against weakened Australia 1-0 with two drawn. Against South Africa, England won all three matches. Despite the loss of several key players, Australia beat South Africa 2-0 with one match drawn.

Cumulative record - Test wins 1876-1912
England 40
Australia 35
Drawn 19

County Championship[edit]

Leading batsmen[edit]

C B Fry topped the averages with 1592 runs @ 56.85

Leading bowlers[edit]

Sydney Barnes topped the averages with 69 wickets @ 11.33


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