F. B. McFarren Memorial Park

F. B. McFarren Memorial Park is a park in the community of Streetsville in Mississauga, Canada, situated south of McFarren Blvd, which runs from Thomas Street south and west to Erin Mills Parkway, it was opened in 1996 and named after F. B. McFarren, on lands which were owned by the McFarren family who operated a brick plant and quarry in the area from 1945. McFarren bricks may be seen throughout the local architecture. There is a plaque in the park commemorating Mr. McFarren's involvement in the brick plant; the McFarren Plant became one of the manufacturing plants of Canada Brick. Canada Brick produced bricks of Queenston Shale for 45 years; the company went through a couple of different owners being bought out by Hanson PLC. Canada Brick had manufacturing plants in Aldershot and Quebec. Hanson PLC closed the Streetsville operation in December 2002. Facility page at the City of Mississauga


The UE ROLL is an ultra-portable speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears, supporting Bluetooth and wired connections. Announced on June 16, 2015, the UE Roll replaces Ultimate Ears's UE MINI BOOM as the company's lower-end model; the speaker is of a discus-like shape, 13.5 cm in diameter, 4.4 cm maximum thickness, weighing 330 grams. It is coated in a water-, dirt-, stain-proof material and covered with rubber. Ultimate Ear's claims that the speaker is IPX7-rated waterproof, meaning that it can be submerged in water up to 1 m depth for up to 30 minutes; the speaker comes in several colour schemes, includes a "snap & go" bungee cord loop attached to the back of the device, which can be detached on one end. It is suggested that this allows the speaker to be hung up, or attached to, fixtures, as well as clothing, shower heads, bicycles, or a person's hand. UE ROLL consists of a 51-millimetre driver coupled with two 19-millimetre tweeters which are in stereo, so there is a small amount of stereo separation.

In terms of sound output, it supports a maximum of 85 dBA in a range of 108 Hz–20 kHz. In addition to supporting Bluetooth, the speaker can be connected via a standard 3.5mm audio input. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to be remotely switched on by a connected mobile device running Ultimate Ear's app, giving the speaker a wireless range of up to 20-metre. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built into the UE ROLL. Charging is done using a provided micro-usb to usb cable, is estimated to take 5.5 hours for a full charge. While well received as a rugged, weather-proof speaker, the UE ROLL has been criticised for a lack of deep bass. TechRadar described the UE ROLL's greatest flaw being "that it replaces the Mini Boom"