1913 American Cup

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The 1913 American Cup was the annual open cup held by the American Football Association. This marked the twelfth time a New Jersey team won the tournament and the third time for this year's winner the Paterson True Blues. It took three matches for them to overcome their final opponents Tacony of Philadelphia aka the 'Tacks'. Another notable encounter between New Jersey teams was a four game duel between Newark Caledonians and the Paterson Rangers in the second round. They battled to 0-0, 2-2, and 1-1 draws before the Caledonians surpassed the Rangers 1-0 in the fourth game. This edition was also the first time the final was played in Philadelphia.

American Cup Bracket[edit]

Second round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Jersey A.C.  2
January 5 - Jersey City
 Schenectady F.C.  1  
 Jersey A.C.  0
Nov 30, Dec 7
   Tacony F.C.  1  
 Tacony F.C.  0-4
March 15 - Philadelphia
 Philadelphia Thistles  0-1  
 Tacony F.C.  2
November 30
   Philadelphia Hibernian  1  
 Philadelphia Hibernian  6
December 28 - Philadelphia
 Collingwood  1  
 Philadelphia Hibernian  4
   Newark Caledonians  0  
 Newark Caledonians  4a
Apr 12,19,27 - Philadelphia
 Paterson Rangers  3  
 Tacony F.C.  4b
   Paterson True Blues  5
 Fall River Rovers  4
Fall River
 Howard & Bullough  1  
 Fall River Rovers  3
December 8 - Paterson/Harrison
   West Hudson A.A.  0  
 Wilberforce F.C.  2-1
March 15 - Fall River
 West Hudson A.A.  2-4  
 Fall River Rovers  0
   Paterson True Blues  3  
 Bridgeport F.C.  3
 Farr Alpaca F.C.  0  
 Bridgeport F.C.  0
   Paterson True Blues  2  
 Paterson True Blues  4
 Scottish-Americans  1  

a) aggregate after 4 games
b) aggregate after 3 games


Tacony F.C. (PA) 2–2 Paterson True Blues (NJ)
(Report) Neil Clarke
88' Jackie Neilson
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Alexander Burnside

First replay[edit]

Tacony F.C. (PA) 1–1 Paterson True Blues (NJ)
22' Kemp (Report) Neil Clarke 89’
Attendance: 3,300
Referee: Alexander Burnside

Second replay[edit]

Paterson True Blues (NJ) 2–1 Tacony F.C. (PA)
Alec Lowe
Jack Nielson (pk)
(Report) 11' Kemp
Attendance: 5,000
Referee: Alexander Burnside

Paterson- Esplin, Wilson(c), Murray, Forfar, Clark, Hudson, Ford, Lowe, Lynch, Gradwell, Neilson.
Tacony- Ness, Small, McKelvey, Kennedy, Morrison(c), Richardson, Alexander, Kemp, Owens, Miller, Andrews.

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