1913 Asmara earthquake

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1913 Asmara earthquake
1913 Asmara earthquake is located in Eritrea
1913 Asmara earthquake
UTC time 1913-02-27 16:22:54
ISC event n/a
Local date February 27, 1913 (1913-02-27)
Local time 19:22
Epicenter 15°36′N 38°54′E / 15.6°N 38.9°E / 15.6; 38.9Coordinates: 15°36′N 38°54′E / 15.6°N 38.9°E / 15.6; 38.9
Areas affected Eritrea
Max. intensity VI (Strong)

The 1913 Asmara earthquake took place outside Asmara, Eritrea on 27 February. The data as to the magnitude of the earthquake is imprecise due to the frequency and magnitude of aftershocks, but a maximum felt intensity of VI (Strong) on the Mercalli intensity scale was recorded at Asmara.[1] The "felt" area of the earthquake extended into Northern Ethiopia as well as Kassala in Sudan. The earthquake caused significant damage in Asmara (VI), Keren (IV), Massawa (V) and Adi Ugri (V).

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