1913 Copa del Rey

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The 1913 Copa del Rey were two different competitions held the same year.

Due to disagreements between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (Spanish: Real Federación Española de Fútbol, RFEF) and some clubs, in 1913 two parallel competitions were held: an "official", organized by the FEF (Federación Española de Fútbol), in Madrid and an "unofficial", organized by the UECF (Unión Española de Clubes de Fútbol), in Barcelona. Both are currently recognized as official by the RFEF.

Copa FEF (Federación Española de Fútbol)[edit]

1913 Copa FEF
12th Copa del Rey
Country Spain Spain
Teams 5
Champions Racing de Irún (1st title)
Runners-up Athletic de Bilbao
Matches played 5
Goals scored 10 (2 per match)

The competition started on March 16, 1913, and concluded on March 23, 1913, with the Final, held at the O'Donell, Madrid, in which Racing de Irún lifted the trophy for the first time ever with a 1-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao.

Preliminary Round[edit]

España FC 1–0 Vigo FC
? Goal


Athletic Bilbao 3–0 Madrid FC
Rafael Moreno "Pichichi" Goal 2'
Rafael Moreno "Pichichi" Goal 11'
Cortadi Goal 53'
Referee: Spain Martínez

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Racing de Irún 1–0 España FC
? Goal


Racing de Irún 2–2
Athletic Bilbao
Patricio Arabolaza Goal
Retegui Goal
Rafael Moreno "Pichichi" Goal
Ramón Belauste II Goal
Referee: Spain Rodríguez



Racing de Irún 1–0 Athletic Bilbao
Retegui Goal 70'

[4] [5]

Copa del Rey 1913 winners
Racing de Irún
1st title

Copa UECF (Unión Española de Clubes de Fútbol)[edit]

1913 Copa UECF
13th Copa del Rey
Country Spain Spain
Teams 3
Defending champions FC Barcelona
Champions FC Barcelona (3rd title)
Runners-up Real Sociedad
Matches played 3
Goals scored 7 (2.33 per match)

Three teams were going to take part in the tournament, but Pontevedra CF withdrew before the start of the tournament.

First leg[edit]

Real Sociedad 2–2 FC Barcelona
Domingo Arrillaga Goal
Juan Artola Goal 89'
Romà Forns Goal
Apolinario Rodríguez Goal
Referee: Spain Angosto

Second leg[edit]

FC Barcelona 0–0 Real Sociedad
Referee: Spain Angosto


FC Barcelona 2–1 Real Sociedad
Berdié Goal
Apolinario Rodríguez Goal
E. Rezola Goal (pen.)
Referee: Spain Angosto
Copa del Rey 1913 Winners
FC Barcelona
3rd title

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