1913 Tour of Flanders

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1913 Tour of Flanders
Race details
Dates25 May 1913
Distance324 km (201.3 mi)
Winning time12h 03' 10"
  Winner  Paul Deman (BEL) (Automoto)
  Second  Joseph Van Daele (BEL) (JB Louvet)
  Third  Victor Doms (BEL) (Automoto)
1914 →

The 1913 Tour of Flanders was the 1st edition of the Tour of Flanders single-day cycling race, known as one of the Monument classics. It was held on 25 May 1913 over a distance of 324 kilometres (201.3 miles) from Ghent to Mariakerke, where it ended with 4 laps of a wooden track around a lake. Of the 37 riders that started the race, 16 were classified as finishers, and it was Paul Deman who crossed the line first to become the first ever winner of the Tour of Flanders.[1]


The race started in Ghent, East Flanders, before heading eastward to Sint-Niklaas and making a clockwise circle along Aalst, Oudenaarde, Kortrijk and Veurne. Subsequently, the course followed the North Seashore until Ostend and headed east via Roeselare back to Ghent. With this route, the race addressed all the major cities of the two western provinces of Flanders..[2] At a total distance of 324 km, it was the event's longest edition ever.[3] There were no categorized climbs.[2]


Cyclist Team Time
1  Paul Deman (BEL) Automoto 12h 03' 10"
2  Joseph Van Daele (BEL) J.B.Louvet s.t.
3  Victor Doms (BEL) Automoto s.t.
4  August Dierickx (BEL) s.t.
5  Arthur Maertens (BEL) La Française s.t.
6  Jan Van Ingelghem (BEL) Peugeot-Wolber + 1' 00"
7  Achiel Depauw (BEL) Liberator-Hutchinson + 1' 00"
8  Auguste Benoit (BEL) La Française + 6' 50"
9  Adrien Kranskens (BEL) + 17' 50"
10  Hector Billiet (BEL) + 17' 50"


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